10 Traits Of Highly Intelligent People In The World

10 Traits Of Highly Intelligent People In The World

It is a common fact that almost the majority if not all the people in the world today wants to be smart and highly intelligent but it is sad to know that it is not everyone that are willing to pay the price of the highly intelligent people.

Some traits can be learned, other can’t. Intelligent people tend to have a mix of the two. It’s a funny thing that, despite one person excelling at math and another excelling at science, both share the same traits.

But it’s like many types of people. Winners share traits in common, as do losers. Ambitious people share traits with fellow ambitious people, while worriers share traits with fellow worriers.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for an article like this to come along all your life, so that you can prove your intelligence to people because you literally have all these 10 traits!

Whatever the case, smart people – though unique in their own ways – are distinguishable by a few traits. Let’s take a look at 10 traits of highly intelligent people.

1. Highly Intelligent People Are Messy

Ever get scolded by your mom for being super messy when you were a kid?

Perhaps even as a young adult your peers knew you as the messy one.

Maybe even now as a full-blown adult, your friends still comment on your messiness. It’s a tad embarrassing because people act as though being messy is a bad thing; as thought it’s a sign of childishness or laziness.

On the contrary, messiness is actually a sign that you have a bigger brain than everyone else.

Why? One of the reasons could be that intelligent people thrive on disorder because it means they have to work harder to focus mentally. Order out of chaos and all that.

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(Though it’s probably a good idea that you now don’t throw your clothes all over your floor and leave the dishes unclean just to prove how smart you are)

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2. Highly Intelligent People Adapt

Plans change. Things go wrong. Sometimes, we have to change tact super quickly. But you won’t find highly intelligent people complaining.

Instead, they’ll do what they’ve always done, and what’s probably brought them a lot of success so far – they’ll think on their feet and adapt. They’ll flip it up and reverse it. s

Intelligent people don’t just thrive when the conditions are absolutely perfect. They thrive whatever the conditions are.

3. Highly Intelligent People Don’t Believe In Luck

Some people believe that a lot of what happens is down to luck.

Success is down to luck, as is failure.

But it isn’t – and highly intelligent people understand this. They understand that, on the contrary, success or failure comes down to planning, hard wok, determination, and a bit of talent.

Sure, there might be a few coincidences in life. But blaming our success and failure on luck is just silly.

4. Highly Intelligent People Are Night Owls

Got friends who go to bed at 11PM and think you’re weird for staying up until 2am? Perhaps they’re weird and boring for calling it a night SO EARLY.

The truth is that intelligent people tend to burn the midnight oil because they’re, well, super smart and get their best stuff done late at night. In fact, you’ll find that a lot of smart people do their best work at night. Tim Ferriss, the entrepreneur with multiple-businesses, is just one of them.

Smart people don’t burn out early and sleep for 10 hours. They keep going, pumping out the ideas, working on new projects and solving problems.

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10 Traits Of Highly Intelligent People In The World

5. Highly Intelligent People Have Open Minds

Intelligent people have the awareness to know that they don’t know everything about everything. And they certainly haven’t closed themselves off to contrary opinions – and they never will do.

These highly smart people know there is always two sides to the same story, and they’re wiling to listen to opinions that strongly challenge their own.

Indeed, they want their opinions challenged because what matters to them more than anything is the truth.

10 Traits Of Highly Intelligent People In The World

6. Highly Intelligent People Admit When They Don’t Know Something

Whereas a fool will rush into any conversation, including ones they know nothing about, highly intelligent people hold back unless they’re absolutely sure they know their stuff.

The eminent American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand was a great example of this. Despite her incredible knowledge across a broad range of subjects, she still had the smartness, humility and presence of mind to hold her hands up and admit she couldn’t answer a radio show caller’s question. Why? Because she didn’t have enough knowledge on the subject.

7. Highly Intelligent People Worry A Lot

Devil-may-carepeople who take risks without thinking things through don’t always strike us as the most intelligent.

On the other hand, people who worry constantly about the past and the future tend to be deep thinkers who take calculated risks based on the facts they’ve spent a lot of time weighing up.

If this sounds like you, it’s a sign that you’re smarter than the average bear.

8. Highly Intelligent People Are Curious

“Curiouser and curiouser.”

So goes the tale of Alice in Wonderland.

And like Alice, highly intelligent people have a wonderfully childlike curiosity about the world around them. They want to know how things work, what makes people tick, how the Universe came into existence, why 2+2 = 4 and so forth. They ask questions, always. They have a thirst for knowledge that’s never fully quenched.

10 Traits Of Highly Intelligent People In The World

9.Highly Intelligent People Have Better Jokes

Sure, dumb people can make us laugh now and then with their toilet humour. But usually we’re laughing at them and not with them.

On the contrary, it take a highly intelligent person to write a comedy series or a funny play. They have better jokes, more sophisticated one-liners and quicker wit. When we need cheering up, it’s smart people that do it best.

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10. Highly Intelligent People Can Hang Out With Themselves

Highly intelligent people don’t need you to hang out with them. If you choose to hang out with them, that’s totally cool, of course. But they enjoy their own company and tend to be very independent. They’re certainly not going to rely on other people for their own happiness.


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