10 psychological tactics that will make a woman fall in love with you

10 psychological tactics that will make a woman fall in love with you


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1. Choose the right person. You can’t seductively make a woman fall in love if she’s a very secure person who’s happy with her life. There has to be a need in her life so that you can become the man who sweeps her off her feet.

2. Give out mixed signals. Make her feel like she’s got you and then strip it away. It’s best to make her feel the loss when she felt like she already had you. The loss will feel stronger, making her fall in love with you

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3. Have contrasting qualities. A woman wants a guy who is edgy and is unpredictable. To become an edgy man you have to have contrasting qualities. If you’re a nice guy, have an evil side to you.

4. Create a triangle of desire. Talk about a female friend, or a celebrity that she doesn’t match with, and let her know that’s your crush. By creating jealousy and making her feel insecure, she can view you as her source of validation.

5. Inflict pain through criticism and stirring up insecurity. Follow up the pain with kindness before and after it. The criticism will make the compliments much better. A woman will value your opinion more if she knows that you’re her biggest critic.

6. Practice the art of insinuation. Being subtle speaks louder than being obvious. Learn to insinuate your desires to a woman. Insinuating that she isn’t enough makes her want to prove herself to you.

7. Set up challenges and barriers. If you want to make an interaction more exciting, have challenges and barriers that she has to overcome. This improves the interaction and makes her chase.

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8. Create temptation. Enjoy teasing her. Ask her to come out with you and turn her on but don’t have sex with her.

9. Give a thoughtful gift that is unique and tailored, but then back off so that she can chase you back.

10. Take steps back during the initial part of the relationship. The steps back will bring her closer. This is called temporary freeze-outs.

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