13 Reasons Why The Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’ is The Best For You

A lot of people are afraid that a girl who loves too much will be difficult to deal with. You may think that she’s just too affectionate for you. She loves you so passionately and you don’t know how you will deal with that in the relationship.

The fact of the matter is that having her love you this much won’t be too much to handle, it will actually be one of the best things in your life. Here are 13 reasons why the girl who loves “too much” will be the best girl for you.

1. She’ll Accept You For Who You Are

No matter what flaws or insecurities you may have, she won’t care. This is the kind of girl who will see your imperfections as perfect. In her mind, they’re what make you who you are, and only make her even more in love with you.

2. She Is Loyal And Committed

This girl doesn’t want something temporary. She isn’t interested in meaningless sex or a casual relationship.

So, if you are looking for something like that, don’t try your luck with her because trust me-—she’ll cut you off before you know it.

For her, love has a strong meaning and when she cares for you, she does it with all of her heart.

That is why this girl will be the most committed person in the relationship. She will be completely dedicated to you and she’ll put all of her energy into making things between you guys work.

And not only that—this girl is loyal to a fault. But I am not only talking about the fact that she won’t cheat on you.

I’m talking about the fact that when she is in a relationship, this girl has eyes for her partner and no one else. She won’t flirt with other guys and she’ll never try to make you jealous.

3. She Will Bring Positivity Into Your Life

Love is naturally a positive force. It’s full of joy and optimism, as well as the hope that the person that you love will be with your forever. The love that she gives you will bring so much positivity and light into your life that you didn’t even know was missing.

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4. She Isn’t Afraid To Love

A girl like this wears her heart on her sleeve. She believes in the power of love, despite all the emotional pain, it brought to her in the past.

When you are with her, you won’t have to worry about emotional baggage which might ruin your relationship. You won’t have to worry about if you’ll manage to tear down the walls she built around her heart.

This doesn’t mean that this girl never had heartbroken because that can’t be further from the truth. But she never allowed this pain to break her either.

Instead, she embraced it and learned from it, without letting it define her.

This girl didn’t allow her past to change the essence of who she is. It didn’t make her overly guarded and it didn’t cause her to run away from her emotions.

So, when she starts to grow feelings for you, instead of playing games, she’ll let you know immediately. When she loves you, she’ll do everything in her power for you to feel that love.

She isn’t scared that you’ll ridicule her or that you’ll use her emotions as a tool to hurt her.

You see, this girl doesn’t have self-confidence issues and she is never scared to speak her mind or do what her heart tells her to do.

13 Reasons Why the Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’ is The Best For You

5. She’ll Be Your Strength

Knowing all of this, you can just imagine how strong and fearless this girl is, even though she doesn’t look that way at first. But trust me, she has more power in herself than you’ll ever realize.

And that is another reason why she is the best girl to be with. Because she’ll share her strength with you.

She’ll always push you forward and she’ll never let you give up. She’ll believe in you with all of her heart and she’ll inspire you to be the best possible version of yourself.

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But the moment you even think of hurting her, remember her strength. And remember that she has what it takes to walk away from you and to never look back.

6. She Will Stay Loyal To You

If she loves you this much, why would she ever stray away from you? You’re the only person that she has her eye on, and she will keep it that way no matter what else may happen.

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7. She Is Going To Fight For You

Whether someone in her life is speaking badly about you or the relationship has hit a bump, she’ll keep fighting for you. You’re her everything and she won’t let anything stand in the way of her being with you.

8. She Won’t Ignore Any Relationship Problems

Some people have the terrible habit of ignoring problems in their relationships and hoping that they’ll go away by themselves, not her though. She knows that doing that will only create more problems. Instead, she’ll work to fix things and make the bond between you two even stronger.

9. She Doesn’t Hold Any Of Herself Back

When a girl like this falls for you, she goes all the way in. She doesn’t play games and doesn’t enjoy the chase.

She knows what she wants and when she goes after it, she puts all of her cards on the table.

And that makes her braver than most people. You see, when this girl grows to love you, she can’t be sure about you.

She doesn’t know if you’ll take advantage of her or if your intentions are honest.

Nevertheless, she follows her gut and she gives you everything she has. It doesn’t mean that she is needy but when you are around this girl, you’ll never feel like you are lacking love or attention or as if you are emotionally neglected.


10. She Will Be Your Best Friend

A girl who loves too much won’t be just your lover—she’ll also be your best friend. It’s not that she’ll try to replace your male friends—it’s just that this girl will make you feel so comfortable that you’ll know that you can trust her with everything.

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Before you know it, you’ll find yourself looking for advice from her and telling her your deepest and darkest secrets.

Besides, this girl is never selfish. For her, happiness is mandatory and she wants everyone around her to be as happy as possible.

She’ll never be concerned with just her own well-being and she’ll always look after your needs as well.

11. She Will Help You Out During Dark Times

Sometimes, life is going to beat you down and make you feel like there’s no way to get back up again. Thankfully, having a girl like her will mean that she will help you out of your darkest places. No matter what happens, she will be there to lift you up again when you’re down.

12. She’ll Be in Your Corner

One of the worst feelings in life is believing that there’s no one around to support you. Isolation can drive you crazy, especially if all you need is someone to hold your hand while you work towards your dreams. With her in your life, you’ll always have someone in your corner to cheer you on.

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13. She Won’t Give Up On Your Relationship Easily

A girl like her isn’t just going to walk out on you because of one fight. You’re important to her and she loves you more than the moon and stars. Because of that, she will always do her best to make the relationship work.

In truth, no person can love “too much.” In any relationship, loving freely is an essential and beautiful component. If she loves you in abundance, don’t be afraid of it. All it means is that she is willing to give herself fully to you because you are the person that means the world to her.

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