15 Habits To Watch Out For If You Want To Become Rich

15 Habits To Watch Out For If You Want To Become Rich

For the fact that you are smart, intelligent, talented and charming doesn’t make you rich even though they are good qualities.

What makes us rich lies in the differences  in our daily habits. There are certain habits people who desire financial independence and freedom live to ensure they achieve this desire.

The following are 15 habits you must watch out for if you want to stay rich.

01. Live Within Your Means.

Rich people avoid overspending, they save 20 percent of their net income and live on the remaining 80 percent.

This is not always easy especially if you’re addicted to spending much, but in other to stay rich you need to Limit entertainment—(bars, movies e.t.c), save more and invest.

02. Avoid Gamble.

Rich people do not rely on random good luck for their wealth. They create their own good luck. Gambling is addictive and most people loose a fortune to it, avoid it.

03. Have a Budget.

If you lack a budget, you are going to end up in a well of financial irresponsibility. Having a budget is very important, it will give you a good sense of direction about your financial record.

04. Avoid Impulse Purchases.

Before making any purchase, think about the item and why you need it, check if it is actually important. Impulse purchases are quite tempting but a determined mind that wants to stay rich knows it is right to avoid them.

05. Read Everyday.

Reading information that will increase your knowledge about your business or career will make you more valuable to colleagues, customers or clients. Dedicate 30 mins or more everyday to read, listen to audio books, read educational career-related material. Reading helps you improve your self and your thoughts.

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06. Spend Less Time Surfing The Internet.

Surfing the net could be addictive as you just can’t get enough of whatever it is you’re doing on it. Rich people use their free time engaged in personal development, networking, volunteering, working side jobs or side businesses, or pursuing some goal that will lead to rewards down the road.

07. Network Regularly.

Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet. Networking can help you develop your career, and if you meet with the right people you just can be on your way to a life changing experience.

08. Set Goals

Most people spend their days wishing for something they can’t have, when you make a wish you cannot control the outcome of it but when you set a goal you can work towards it. Rich people don’t make wishes, they set goals.

09. Avoid Procrastination.

Procrastination is a dream killer, it creates dissatisfied employers, customers or clients; and damages other non-business relationships.

You can get rid of procrastination by creating a to-do list, having a set of activities to do every day, finishing early and having a ‘do it now’ affirmation.

10. Avoid Taking Debit Cards Everywhere.

if you stick to carrying cash most of the time, it will be easier for you to restrict your spending to the amount you have on yourself at that moment.

11. Talk Less.

Rich people are good communicators because they are good listeners. They understand that you can learn and educate yourself only by listening to what other people have to say.

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12. Avoid Negative People.

Stay away from negative people because they always have a problem for every solution you bring. Don’t buy into their negativity. Don’t allow yourself to become infected with toxic negativity. Always remember that you are not their problem solver. It is not your job to make an unhappy person happy.

13. Get a Mentor.

A large percentage of Rich people who had a mentor attributed their success to that person. Having a mentor helps you avoid certain financial mistakes as they do their best to teach you what to do and what not to do.

If you know your goals, find someone who has already achieved them.

14. Avoid The Thought “Bad Luck”.

The mind is a great tool and can be used in different ways. People who struggle financially have a way of creating bad luck for themselves. It’s a byproduct of their habits.

Positive habits lead to opportunities such as promotions, bonuses, new business and good health. Always think POSITIVE!

15. Never Give Up.

Rich people have three things in common: focus, persistence and patience. They simply do not quit chasing their big goals. Those who struggle financially stop short.