20 Bitter Truths of Life that Nobody Wants to Accept

20 Bitter Truths of Life that Nobody Wants to Accept

1. Eyes have no curtain. Once you’ve seen, you’ve seen. You cannot pretend otherwise. You cannot erase it.

2. The person who takes a job only in order to survive has turned himself or herself into a slave.

3. The funny thing about life is that once you get the things you want, your insatiable appetite for more increases, and you lose sight of the things you have and immediately begin to focus on the things you don’t have.

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20 Bitter Truths of Life that Nobody Wants to Accept

4. The problem with life is that we worry more about the things we lack, instead of being grateful for the things we have.

5. We must pass through darkness to reach the light.

6. The problem with life is that we don’t want to be right; we just want to be perceived to be right.

7. The problem with life is that we have more teachers than students.

8. When someone is drowning and you try to save them, they’re more likely to drown you before you pull them out.

9. The truth is that we have no control of life; we just pretend that we do.

10. Apparently people are easily upset by the truth because it upsets their illusions.

11. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a thought.

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12. That the fountain of youth disappears rapidly as you approach old age is no secret. The secret is how to think like a youth in old age.

13. If your presence irritates people, then it’s time to move on.

14. Life is not a movie. There are no trailers or dress rehearsals.

15. Enjoy life like a one-way roller coaster ride; every moment counts, but not every moment can be repeated.

16. Listen harder than you can speak. Each time you speak, you lose a boatload of lessons.

17. When you help people, don’t expect reciprocity, for humans are not designed to give back; they’re only designed to take.

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18. Don’t expect to learn anything new if you think you know anything.

19. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

20. Life is a mystery that unravels the deeper you get into it.

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