20 Body Language Women Show When They Really Like You

20 Body Language Women Show When They Really Like You

Are you wondering whether she likes you? When you first meet women as you’re trying to navigate your way through the dating world, it can be very tough to try and understand how they feel about you. But that’s okay. Even all of the most beautiful women and handsome men in the world are still make out time to research on helpful tips and insight that will help them to get their games right.

So many men get lost in trying to find out how to impress a woman because there are so many contradicting pieces of advice everywhere when it comes to how to approach a girl in a respectful and attractive manner.

Men are desperate to know if they have to come in hot or a little bit cold. They need to know when the perfect time to strike would be – and that all rely on being able to read where a girl stands in relation to her feelings for him. Not all men are going to be so intuitive or skilled at knowing exactly when and how to make a move on the girls that they’re interested in. There are only few men in the world who are absolute masters at the game.

Don’t be upset that a girl is making it a little too hard for you. Take it up as a worthy challenge. Try to win her over – but you have to be pragmatic and diplomatic about it too. You don’t want to recklessly be going into it without thinking about the repercussions of your actions. You need to have a game plan or else you risk driving her away for good. And you don’t want that, do you?

It is crucial to observe her body language whenever she’s with you and play off of that. Try to read her feelings by reading how she acts whenever she’s around you. And once you do that, you will get a really good gauge of your chances with her.

And don’t worry if you don’t know what it is exactly you should be looking for. That’s what this article is for. Just make sure to read this article in its entirety so that you will be armed with the knowledge that you need to win a girl like this over.

Below are 20 body language women show when they really like you.

1. If she likes you she will becomes more touchy with you.

A good sign that your girl is interested in you is if she isn’t afraid of being touchy with you. Granted, there are some women who are just naturally touchy without being intimate. But if you notice that she touches you in ways that she doesn’t with other people, then that’s a good sign for you.

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2. She doesn’t shy away from getting closer to you – physically and emotionally.

Whenever you’re together, you can tell that she’s really into you if she starts to try to get close to you in a physical and emotional sense. She will try to sit closer to you whenever possible. She will try to connect with you the best way that she can.

3. If she likes you she will establish and maintain eye contact with you.

A woman may not be saying much with her lips, but you really have to be paying attention to her eyes. Just because she isn’t talking much doesn’t mean that she isn’t trying to send you a message. You can really tell a lot about how a person feels about you by the way that they look at you.

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4. She seems to smile more often whenever she’s around you.

A smile is always a good sign. If you notice that a woman is constantly smiling whenever you’re together, then it’s a sign of comfort and ease with you. She genuinely enjoys your company because it’s as if your mere presence is enough to make her happy.

There are attractive girls everywhere but it’s just so much harder for men to read the body language of women. By nature, women are more verbal in their approaches to expressing their love; but it can get very difficult whenever they start to get shy and so men have to resort to reading female signs through their active gestures. It’s so easy for girls to read boys because they only have to look at the body language of men to figure out how they would feel about getting into a relationship with them.

5. She focuses all of her attention on you when you’re together.

There are so many distractions in the world today – especially in the age of smartphones and social media. We are so connected with people all over the world that we might fail to connect with the people who are right in front of us. But if she is constantly giving you her full attention when you’re together, then that means that she’s someone who is really interested in you.

6. You catch her looking at your lips every so often.

She secretly wants you to kiss her and that’s why she can’t stop staring at your lips. When she’s not maintaining eye contact with you, she’s looking at your lips. It’s because she deeply desires your lips; she just wants to kiss them more than anything else.

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7. She doesn’t place her hands or her arms in between the two of you.

One of the biggest signs that a woman is trying to protect herself from you is when she places her hands or her arms in between the two of you. She’s subconsciously placing her hands there to serve as some kind of shield. But if she’s not putting her arms or hands in between the both of you, then that means that she’s opening herself up to you; it means that she likes you enough to let you in.

8. She is going to start to blush whenever you say something nice to her.

It’s science really. A person’s face is going to blush whenever they get flustered or shy. And the reason that she’s shy is that she has so many feelings about you – and she doesn’t really know what to do with her feelings. But the truth is that her feelings are shining right through her face.

9. She makes an effort to maintain perfect posture when you’re together.

Everyone knows that a nice posture is always going to be attractive. And because she knows this, she is always going to put extra effort into trying to maintain really good posture when she’s around you. She does this to accentuate her legs and her breasts for you.

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One of the key factors in figuring out how to get a girl to like you is actually in being able to figure out if she’s even interested in the first place. And fortunately for you, if you are perceptive enough, you can pick up on a few cues that she’s actually interested in you; and you can use these cues to boost your self-confidence and help you work up the courage to actually pursue her.

It’s all a matter of playing off one another’s energies and being able to forge a connection between the two of you; a connection that you can continually build on the longer that you stay together. And you shouldn’t be afraid of acting on your feelings especially when you know that the person you’re with has a shot at feeling the same way.

10. The pupils in her eyes will start to dilate.

Again, the eyes are the body’s windows to the soul. And it has already been scientifically proven that when a person’s pupils will dilate whenever they are looking at something that infatuates them. So whenever you find that their pupils will dilate when they look at you, then it’s likely that they really have feelings for you.

11. She plays with her hair when she’s around you.

She may not even necessarily be doing it on a conscious basis. But if she’s playing with her hair around you, it’s a playful way of telling you that she’s available to you. It’s a very subtle way of flirting that she may not even be intentionally doing.

12. Her breaths will start to become irregular or unusually fast.

Naturally, a person’s heart is going to race whenever a person becomes excited about something. And whenever a person’s heart is starting to race, that person’s breathing is going to become uneven. So when you notice that a girl’s breathing will start to quicken, then it’s because she’s excited at the thought of actually being with you.

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13. She really pays attention to whatever you might have to say to her.

She really has a genuine interest and liking for you when she’s listening to you. Not only is she listening to you, but she really makes an effort to remember the things that you tell her.

14. She doesn’t pull away whenever you touch her.

If she isn’t afraid of letting you touch her, then again, that’s a sign of comfort that she has with you. And that kind of comfort is a manifestation of her interest in you. She is letting you in. She is opening herself up to you. She is allowing herself to be physically vulnerable with you because she’s interested in you.

Let’s paint the scenario here so that we can make it a little clearer for you. You meet a genuinely interesting girl and you feel like you have a shot at hitting things off. But do you really have a shot? Did she really tell you that she’s interested in you? If so, then great. Half your work is done. But if she hasn’t outright admitted to you that she likes you, then that’s where things start to get really fun and interesting.

It’s a conundrum that so many men throughout the course of history have dealt with time and time again. Does she really like you? Is she really into you? Is there a chance that she isn’t going to automatically shut you down? And after all of this time, men still typically have a hard time figuring out if a girl is really into him or not. And they need that kind of affirmation in order for them to gather up the courage required to actually make a move. Men need to know if they have to be aggressive or passive in their approach.

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15. She bites her lip around you.

She is wanting you to pay attention to her lips. Of course, subconsciously, she wants you to kiss her. And that’s why she’s trying to draw your attention to her lips. She wants to be able to subconsciously lead you to where she wants you to go by bringing your attention there.

16. She takes off articles of clothing whenever she’s with you.

And she doesn’t even have to do it in a sensual manner. It doesn’t have to be done in a bedroom setting. Even if it’s something as simple as taking off jackets, eyeglasses, hairbands, or whatever – that gesture signifies a sense of comfort and ease that she has with you.

17. She laughs (sometimes excessively) at anything that is remotely funny that might come out of your mouth.

She is going to laugh excessively at whatever jokes you’re going to tell. And she might be doing it on purpose sometimes, or she may genuinely be finding you funny. Either way, that’s always a good sign. If she’s doing it in purpose, she’s doing so because she wants to boost your confidence. And if she genuinely finds you funny, then that’s just making her more and more attracted to you. Everyone loves a good sense of humor after all.

18. She will start to take on a lot of your own personal mannerisms and habits.

We often imitate the things that we are most attracted to. That is something that science has proven already. And so if you notice that she starts to take on some of your personal mannerisms and habits, it’s because she likes you – and she subconsciously wants to be like you.

19. She frames her face with her hands.

If she cups her face with her hands whenever she’s talking with you or when she’s listening to you talk, she’s essentially framing her face. She’s doing it because she wants you to focus on her face. She wants you to see the sincerity that’s on her face so that you know that she’s genuinely letting you in.

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20. She asks you a lot of questions about your life and your interests.

The more effort that she puts in trying to get to know you, then the more into you that she really is. Of course, if she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t be so willing to devote her time to get to know you better. But that’s the thing. She does want to get to know you better. She wants to be able to get closer to you and she does so by expressing an interest in you.

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