28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

While romantic attraction is definitely complicated, science has some very compelling insight into the traits and behaviors that make women more attracted to a man.

For example, Australian researchers found that mindful men received much higher ratings of attractiveness from women. They were able to perceive their feelings and emotions without having to react to them; they noticed changes in their body and were good at finding the words to describe their feelings. These were all statements included in the study as spoken by these “mindful men.”

So while men are usually more attracted to physically attractive women, the women were more attracted to mindful men.

Your dating photo online also has a lot to do with your level of attractiveness as well. According to a study done in 2016 at the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Northwestern University, women were more attracted to men who displayed more expansive body language.

When landing on dating profile pictures, women are more prone to skipping over the photos of men who are huddled or have their arms crossed. Instead, they are looking for those expansive poses, such as them reaching out for something or having their arms extended.

One last example of science and attraction was in a 2011 study by the University of British Columbia. In their study, they found that women preferred an expression of pride on a man’s face over other facial expressions such as shame, neutrality, and happiness. Surprisingly enough, the least appealing facial expression for the women was the one displaying happiness. This just goes to show you just how different each woman can be when it comes to the rating level for men. So, with all this in mind, let’s take a closer look into what girls find attractive about men. But remember, it will definitely vary depending on who it is.

What do girls find attractive about men? Quite a lot.

You may be surprised to know that confidence isn’t everything. (Stop looking for that magical confidence pill gentlemen. It doesn’t exist!)

You can get the woman you want without being manipulative. Here are 28 most unusual things girls find attractive in men;

1. The Way a Man Dresses

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Your sense of style goes a long way in making the right or wrong impression with women. Walk around in jeans and a tee for a day, then go out in a suit, you will undoubtedly get more positive attention and respect while wearing the suit. Women notice and men notice.

Now consider this: Women spend an hour or often longer in the bathroom getting dressed in the morning… It’s an understatement to say that women care about fashion and style; some are obsessed with it.

If a girl is spending hundreds of dollars on shoes she’ll only wear once, then you can be damn sure she’s looking at a man’s shoes. There have been all sorts of studies on the type of jeans men wear too. The right pair can elevate your attractiveness, believe it or not.

2. The Way a Man Grooms Himself

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Grooming is no different. It’s a reflection of your pride. If you walk around smelling foul, you’re not just going to struggle more with women; literally, everyone will walk away to save their nose. By smelling decent, you are putting in the effort. It’s something so simple, but it goes a long way towards getting respect. People notice.

Compound that with things like grooming bushy elbows, brushing your teeth, wearing a signature cologne, shaving, investing in proper skincare, and slowly you start elevating more than just your attractiveness. You’ll start feeling confident, and more interested in the respect women give back to you.

It’s been said a woman loves a good set of hair too, but I want to remind you of one thing here. There are plenty of women who find bald men attractive. The point here is that you can groom yourself how you want as an individual, just put in the effort first.

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3. The Hobbies a Man Has

Are you passionate about anything? Or do you just sit at home every day and night watching television on the couch? A man with hobbies opens the door to situations where women can participate, even if that means simplify being there to cheer you on.

Let’s face it, all humans desire a sense of purpose and a bit of adventure. It’s what keeps relationships interesting, not boring.

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4. His Relationship with Mom, Female Relatives, and Other Women

Consider how you treat other women in your life. No matter if it’s mom, your younger sister, female co-workers, or even the female waiters at local restaurants. What women find attractive isn’t just how good your relationship with them is. The truth is, they are looking for one key thing: Do you respect women? If so, how do you treat them?

Are you calm, patient, and a kind gentleman around rude and erratic women you honestly can’t stand? Or do you get easily stressed out and lose all self-control instead?

When you treat females with little to no respect, other women will notice.

They’ll start to wonder if you’ll treat them the same way in the future. It’s quite the turn-off.

5. A Man Who Acts On His Plans

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

If you say you are going to do something, do you do it? Women are attracted to men who are organized and have plans for their future. It doesn’t mean you need a color coated daily planner; it simply means you have goals, and you’re working towards them.

In the same regard, if you make promises or commitments, are you a man of your word? Or do you back of out them due to embarrassment, poor planning, or fear of commitment?

6. He Laughs Out Loud and Has a Sense of Humor

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

It’s one thing to be funny, and another to be a clown. Be comfortable with yourself enough to joke around, but avoid doing so at the expense of others. A good laugh can go a long way in well, making everyone in the room feel good.

Women find men who express themselves in little ways attractive. Never be afraid to act goofy or silly.

7. Sure of His Word

There’s confidence in how you respond. If you don’t want to do something, you say no. if you do want to do something, then you say yes. Just like negotiating, men who say no and are willing to walk away, often get everything they want in the end.

8. Comfortable Around Friends and Her

She wants to see your true personality. In other words, be real. Don’t put on a façade for different people. Make sure you stay true to who you are across the board.

9. His Intelligence and Desire to Listen

Women find intelligence attractive because it helps you hold a conversation. And when it comes to listening, it’s a big reflection on your patience and willingness to learn. You might not be interested in hearing about her workplace drama over a spilled cup of Starbucks for a few hours, but there are other times when listening can be valuable.

All humans love to teach, often we do this through talking, but no matter what the subject at hand is, we gain a sense of purpose by sharing what we know. It can be about pointless drama, sophisticated engineering, anything in which can narrate our own experience or perspective with.

10. Where a Man Is Going In Life

Your social status, bank account, home, the car you drive, etc. say a lot about the sense of security you can provide. Women are attracted to men who are career-driven, but keep in mind, family-oriented too. They are looking for a man with a sense of direction who knows what he wants and goes after it.

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He isn’t afraid to take risks because he is responsible enough to make sacrifices in order to achieve them. In short, women find men who can raise a family and provide for them attractive. It’s held true since the times of cavemen.

11. Cleanliness, How’s Your Place?

It goes back to grooming yourself. Do you let pizza boxes stack up to the ceiling, or do you a sense of responsibility? How much pride do you have? You want to have something to show off, not something you are constantly trying to hide.

12. He Lifts

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

No, you don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder. But one universal truth to what women want is physical attraction. How you take care of your body plays a vital role. Charm her with your gains and motivation for fitness achievement.

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13. A Man Who Is Kind To Strangers

Walk up to any woman and strike up a conversation. I guarantee other girls in the room will notice. If you’re kind, fun, and positive, suddenly, you’re going to build up this natural curiosity. You’ll literally turn into a chick magnet, as cliché as it sounds. It works with kids and pets too, try it.

14. He’s a Good Cook

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Women find a man who can cook attractive. And now, I know they say food is the way to a man’s heart, but truth be told, it works the same way for women too.

15. His Eye Contact

It goes beyond looking her in the eyes when talking to her one on one.

It’s that peculiar glance you send her way that makes her go, “wow.”

Eye contact is a type of body language that is crucial to communication and conversation. Sometimes the eyes can even say more than the words. When talking to a woman, you should maintain eye contact with them to show them that you are actively listening, and you are paying attention. Women love this.

16. A Man Who Is Thoughtful

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

She’s attracted to those little random things you do for her.

Believe it or not, but some women have only been sent flowers from men once or twice in the lifetime (usually by twenties to thirties). The simple thought of sending them flowers drives them crazy, even though it seems quite cliché. Even small special gestures that aren’t gifts can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to do what feels right, but don’t overdo it.

17. A Man’s Height

How tall are you? While not the case for all women, some women are more attracted to tall men. It’s usually associated with high school relationships where women hit their growth spurt before men. But generally, the saying, “tall, dark and handsome,” is true with adults too.

18. A Man with a Good Smile

Girls find pearly whites attractive. Research has been done that shows that women don’t prefer men with scowls. They aren’t as attractive to women as a man with a smiling face. They also found that women sometimes equate that smiling face with a long-term relationship and even marriage.

19. Affinity for Children and Pets

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Walk around the beach or local park with a child or dog and see what happens when women pass by. Women like this and find this quality attractive in men because it hints at dependability, responsibility, understanding, and love. All of these traits are highly attractive to women. Who wants to date a guy that appears heartless?

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20. An Optimistic Man

Do you constantly worry about the future or present? Women want to surround themselves with positive men. And if you’re always negative, well, you become more of a hassle and annoyance. Nobody wants to listen to someone complain all day and then never taken action to change what’s wrong in their life. Imagine giving someone advice, encouragement, and all the right tools, only to hear they still feel hopeless. Over and over again.

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Understand that it’s acceptable to be emotional, but don’t be anxious around women.

21. People Respect Him

It’s pretty straightforward. Do people respect you? Your family, friends, etc. Take a moment to understand your accomplishments and figure out your self-worth. Remember, it’s not about stressing over how other people view you, it’s about focusing in on how you view yourself.

Have a sense of pride, and women will notice it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself or something you don’t agree with. If you always bow down to any request, people will start taking advantage of you.

22. He’s a Leader, Not a Follower

You don’t have to lead a presentation in front of thousands of people to be attractive. You just have to be strong enough to lead.

When you walk into a restaurant, open the door for her. Lead her in the doorway first. Put your hand on her hip from behind and give her a little push forward. Women find these little things attractive because you’re leading the way and taking charge; it’s that simple.

23. He Makes Other Girls Jealous of Her

Just like pricey handbags and outfits, they want to be the girl that other women are jealous of.

Remember to be protective, but never possessive nor jealous.

24. Fun and keeps her guessing

Nobody wants to be in a boring relationship. Girls find fun men attractive because they keep them guessing every step of the way. You don’t have to play games, just be mysterious. Like a god d-mn magician that woos the audience with excitement, woo her.

25. Validation

Just like candy, too much can be a bad thing. When it comes to validation, give it out sparingly. Understand you can treat a queen with respect, but that doesn’t mean you have to worship her. Doing so will make you look like a fool. Men who make girls work for validation, on the other hand, are far more attractive and desirable.

Women like men who have a high sense of value and independence too. Don’t be needy. Be affectionate, not clingy.

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26. A man of patience

Girls find men with a soft, calm voice attractive. But why? Because they are in control. When it comes to patience, women don’t want a man who whines, complains, or always seems rushed and stressed out. Patient men more than often make for great fathers.

27. He’s Adventurous In Bed

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Most girls find men who are rough and humorous in bed attractive. Cater to her fantasies. Don’t be afraid to be dominant either.

A bit of fun in your sex life can build a better bond. So, can be confident. Ask her what she likes the best. Don’t just assume or worry about her response. Aim to please, not just perform.

28. A man she can change

28 Most Unusual Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

There’s no doubt about it; girls find men who are masculine but gentle attractive. But they also are looking for one more thing: Vulnerable. Women want a man that they can gradually “fix” or change over time for the better. They desire to take on a motherly role to support you. It’s like raising kids, and they want others to see what they accomplished.

But in terms of relationships, girls also want other women to be jealous and notice too.  I’m sure you’ve heard this sassy line before, “he’s my man” or “look what I’ve done for you,” here’s where it stems from.