3 Rules of Money That Only 3% of People in The World Obey

3 Rules of Money That Only 3% of People in The World Obey

Life is governed by rules and the art of making money is regulated and guided by some rules. Your inability to understand the rules guiding life and money will definitely make you break down and become poor.

Managing your finances can sometimes seem like a full-time job, with lots of decisions to make and things to learn. But, money management does not have to be complicated if you just step back and look at the big picture.

If you follow best practices for how you spend and save your money, your finances should essentially take care of themselves — and you should be able to benefit from the financial security that comes with making smart money moves.

What is a rule?.

A rule is a guideline or a laid down procedure needed to get something done and done well. Money as a servant answers to those rules speedily and they are just three in number but the most painful part of it is that it is only kept and observed by three percent of people. What a tragedy! Below are the three rules of money.

1. Don’t sell your time, it’s too scarce:

Until you can work for thousands of hours per day, forget about being wealthy. I don’t know how you will do it but you have to conserve your time and don’t ever sell your time for anything because time is scarce.

The reason while most employees will always be broke is because they have no control of their time, they have literally sold their scarce time to an employer that is willing to buy and in return conserve his own time. I know this might be a bitter truth but the major reason while an employer is paying you is for your time. Just think about it? Those employers have mastered the scarcity of time and have devised a means to buy more time from anybody willing to sell at an agreed price. They do that by creating value for money with their time and yours.

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2. Use other’s people brains, time and energy or you would be used by them:

What a sentence! Life is a jungle, you can’t afford to be the weakest animal. If you don’t win in this jungle, you are gone. You should know how to use other’s people brains and energy by leveraging on relationships, networking and partnership with various people needed to make your dream of becoming wealthy possible.

You need to create value through using other’s people brains and energy and mastered the art of selling those created value to the world which will in turn bring millions to you.

3. Use technology for your selfish Reason:

 Selfish? Yes you heard me loud and clear. Every successful business or man has in one way or the other use the power of technology to his own advantage. There is a huge population of potential customers and clients online waiting to hear about your business or what you do and you have to leverage on the power of technology to make that happen.

Be selfish with technology and make money for yourself even while you are sleeping. You can start by creating a blog, website, podcast and other social media platforms that suits your type of business.

Obey this three rules of money and watch you becoming wealthy in the shortest possible time. Please share, like and comment if you have learnt one or two things from this piece. I am waiting to hear from you. Thanks

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  1. Good day, I enjoyed your topic under financial freedom. The only addition is the difference between POOR ( Passing over opportunity repeatedly) and RICH ( Residual income create Happiness)
    This acronym defines and differentiate the two classes
    Thank you

  2. Some times you don’t have a choice but to sell you time, having tried affiliate marketing, starting my own business, looked into drop shipping, if you need money to pay your bills you have no choice if there is no alternative.

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