30 Facts Of Life That Will Make You Successful And Happy

30 Facts Of Life That Will Make You Successful And Happy

Human beings are always driven by pleasure. Everybody want to be happy and make the most of life. You always find yourself being inclined to someone that will give you a sense of happiness and push you to become successful. I can assure you that there are probably some facts that you need to comprehend to live a happy and successful. Everyone has one or more principles that guide their lives and probably define their success in life.

Below are 30 facts worthy of consideration for a successful living.

1. Don’t smoke, drink or smoke dope. I think this speaks for itself. Try to ignore it and watch the ensuing results.

2. Forgive. This is the fastest way to heal yourself. Refusing to forgive is like taking a poison and hopes that it kills another person

3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Yes, that one basket could have a hole at the bottom. Always learn to diversify your source of income.

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4. Don’t complain. The time wasted in complaining can be used solving problems. Successful people don’t complain, instead the look for ways to handle the challenge.

5. You need money to make money. People want to believe you have money before they buy you lunch.

6. Don’t mix business with pleasure. One of you will go — either you or the business.

7. Work smart. This is really a way of saying, do much with less. Use your brains instead of your physical strength.

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8. Whenever you’re in stress, take a deep breath. Obvious this fills oxygen into your lungs and you know what oxygen does to your body.

9. Meditate. Yes, bring your body, soul and spirit in harmony with each other.

10. Take a cold shower. Enhances discipline no doubt. And adds more days in your life.

11. Wake up early. Ever heard of the saying that “The early bird catches the worm?”

12. Exercise. This is the most underrated life tip which can save your life.

13. Eat a well balanced diet. Don’t fill diesel into a gasoline engine.

14. Save for tomorrow. I’ve seen people become beggars simply because they ate tomorrow’s meal today.

15. Don’t drink while driving. This is not even a life tip. It’s a traffic law.

16. Love yourself. This has nothing to do with being selfish.

17. Never love a stranger. Yes, that stranger could be Hitler disguised as a priest.

18. Positive attitude. This helps you to get along with everyone.

19. Forget the past. Don’t drag your past into your future.

20. Show gratitude. This is a universal law of abundance.

21. Practice self-talk. This is the only way to train your sub-conscious mind.

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22. Be kind. Show kindness to others and you will get the same back.

23. Be yourself. This a question of identity. Lose your identity and you lose yourself.

24. Don’t worry. Be happy, always. This has actually been proven to prolong your life. Worry shortens life.

25. Read self-improvement books. This is a way to expand your brain.

26. Take responsibility. Be in control of your situation and accept mistakes.

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27. Rest. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

28. Lend a helping hand. You might need the same one day

29. Joke. Share. Love. Care. These four constitute life.

30. Be persistent until the devil gives up.

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