30 Secrets of Successful People That Will Change Your Life Forever

30 Secrets of Successful People That Will Change Your Life Forever

There are secrets which bring together all happy and successful people which you can also use to improve the quality of your life. Usually when you want to change your life, you don’t know where to start and you risk losing the motivation because you don’t know the best option to take. To change your life forever, you have to change yourself. If you want to achieve extraordinary results, you must become an extraordinary person.

30 Secrets of Successful People That Will Change Your Life Forever

The following 30 Secrets of Successful People That Will Change Your Life Forever.

  1. Let no one ever tell you, “you can’t do it” or “you can’t make it” or “you’re not good enough”. 99% of the “good enough” people are failures in life.
  2. Listening is a cutting-edge skill. Learning the skill of listening is the greatest gift in life.
  3. Life is not what it seems. What you see is only 10%. 90% lies beneath the surface.
  4. Keep an open mind. Believe nothing until you prove it. Trust no one until they prove themselves.
  5. Learn everything. Even from dummies. 99% of what they say is junk. But the remaining 1% could be gold hidden in the junk.
  6. Always be patient. Time has a way of bringing out the best when you wait.
  7. The world’s treasures were not hidden in bank vaults. They were hidden in the most obvious places from the greed of men, where nobody can steal them. They’re hidden in books.
  8. Success is not always measured by hard work. Sometimes it’s determined by luck.
  9. Those who publicly claim to be millionaires are not really millionaires. They’re just servants and decoys hired by millionaires to act on their behalf.
  10. Life is a journey that did not start when you were born. It started before you were born.
  11. The greatest tragedy in life is not death. The greatest tragedy in life is life without a purpose.
  12. The richest place on earth is not America, or the gold mines of South Africa or the oil wells of Kuwait, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. The richest place on earth is the graveyard.
  13. The richest person in the world is not the person with the most money. The richest person in the world is the person with the most love.
  14. The happiest person in the world is the person who forgives himself or herself.
  15. The hardest feat in life is not to climb Mount Everest. The hardest feat in life is to forgive a person who does not deserve forgiveness.
  16. God’s greatest gift to man or woman is the human MIND. But man or woman’s greatest achievement is the ability to use it.
  17. The greatest secret in life is not knowledge or wisdom. The greatest secret in life is to learn how to make rain.
  18. Never strive to become successful. Strive to become a man or woman of value.
  19. If you have a million dollars that’s your money. Take your wife or spouse to the most exotic places on earth and enjoy the world.
  20. If you have a billion dollars, that’s not your money. That’s money belonging to the community. The community has entrusted it to you because they ‘trust’ that you can manage it for them better than the government.
  21. Live for today for this is your day. And make the most of it. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to you. For even the Bible testifies to that.
  22. Give and it shall be given to you. Take and it shall be taken away from you.
  23. Never criticize, complain or condemn for life doesn’t need your opinion. For whatever you say or do, more of it comes flying back at you.
  24. Be grateful for everything, whether good or bad, for you never know which one will save your life, whether good or bad.
  25. Just as you cannot drive along a super highway looking at the rear view mirror, you cannot move into the future looking into your past.
  26. If you get stuck in the same spot for too long, it means there’s a life lesson you’ve not yet learned.
  27. Do you still remember how life was before you were born? If you don’t then this means the past is only a glimpse of the future.
  28. Remember, there would have been no light bulb if someone didn’t take a risk.
  29. Life begins at 40. But real wisdom only begins at 60.
  30. When you were born, you were crying while everybody was laughing. Live your life so wonderfully that, when you die, everybody is crying and you are laughing.

I wish you all the best on your way to success.

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