30 Weird Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing

30 Weird Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing

Sometimes we find ourselves doing some weird things especially when we discover that no one notices us. I’m sure that we are all guilty of such actions. Although it isn’t your fault as some of these weird actions are just natural. Sometimes we do these things unconsciously only to realize later.

1. Pull out your phone to check the time, only to realize you have to do it again because you forgot to look at the clock.

2. Fake a yawn to smell your breath.
Same tactics as above, different stink source. The breath test is legendary, so don’t even try to say you don’t do it. Too bad you might be nose blind to your own bodily smells.

3. Pace the house when you’re on a long phone call.
We’re not sure why, but long phone chats always demand a few trips from the living room by way of the dining room and then to bedroom before you return to the kitchen. At least it’s exercise.

4. Wear the same clothes two days in a row.
Maybe not the same outfit, but at least the same pair of socks or the bra you wore yesterday. If you’re going to be seeing the same people again, that is — the weekends are a whole other ballgame. Besides, you don’t need to wash your jeans that often anyway.

5. Pick your nose.
What’s worse: Having something stuck up your nostril or getting caught with a finger up there? We all have to do some maintenance, it’s totally cool.

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6. Pick your teeth with something that, well, just shouldn’t be in your mouth.
This includes everything from earrings and bobby pins to wrappers and credit cards. Of course, a straw is always handy too.

7. Pick your toes and toenails.
Yeah, we know it’s gross, but humans just naturally like to pick things (see #5 and #6). Besides, who else is going to remove the sock lint?

8.  Put your music on shuffle, only to skip all the songs until you find the one you want.

9. Start reading the menu from the middle.

10. Pretend to text or talk on the phone when you’re waiting for someone.
Sure, scrolling through Facebook works fine to pass the time, but you still resort to this age-old trick. Because nothing is more awkward than waiting around alone in a crowded restaurant or a random street corner for a late friend.

11. When driving, you pick out another car to be your travel companion.

12. Have imaginary arguments in your head.
At least you win every time.

13. Fall into a sappy video clickhole.
You start out innocently watching a military reunion video (and happily crying), but when you look up, it’s been 45 minutes and you’ve somehow watched another 10 videos.

14. Saying “yes” when someone asks you if you’ve seen/heard something, even though you haven’t.

15. Google yourself.
It even has a name: egosurfing. According to one survey, 47% of Americans who use the Internet have searched for themselves online.

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16. Pretend to not see someone you know.
Sound familiar? You spot them coming towards you, hope they don’t notice you, quickly look down at your cell phone or pretend to rifle through your purse, and mindlessly breeze by. If there’s no eye contact, you’re golden, right? Sometimes you just don’t want to talk.

17. Shave your toes.
Those random hairs on your feet? That’s called androgenic hair, and it pops up during puberty due to higher levels of the hormone androgen. Thankfully, no one has to know it’s there. Shave it or wax it, and problem solved.

18. Continually check the fridge to see if any food has magically appeared.

19. Sneak a “sniff” test.
We’ve all been there: You smell something funky and worry it’s you, so you casually lift your arm and slightly tilt your head to give your pits a whiff. This move works when you can’t remember if you put on deodorant, too.

20. Have a full-on conversations with yourself.

21. Asking “what?” even though you heard what the person said.

22. Pee in the shower.
One survey found that a whopping 62% of Americans have urinated in the shower, and we bet countless more just didn’t want to admit it on that survey.

23. After making a typing mistake, you delete the entire sentence and start over, instead of simply using backspace.

24. Suddenly forgetting how to type because somebody is now watching you.

25. Immediately read an email right after you sent it, even though you already proofread it, like, 50 times.

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26. Keep tabs on your ex (or ex-friend) on social media.
Maybe not to stalker level, but admit it, you do a search every so often. That’s what Facebook exists for, right? Everyone wants to know what their old flames are up to, even if they’ve been happily married for years.

27. Check under the bed or behind the shower curtain to make sure nobody is there.
Maybe you don’t really believe the bogeyman is hiding behind every corner like you did as a kid, but old habits die hard. (Or maybe you’re at a friend’s house and just being a total snoop.)

28. When showering, you cup your arms or hands to see how much water you can collect.

29. When switching lanes in heavy traffic, you pick out a car and track it to see if you made the correct lane decision.

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30. When driving, you refuse to turn your wipers on full-speed because you feel like the other drivers will judge you for it.

Are you guilty of any of the above mentioned? Add your own in the comment box below.

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