4 Ways To Make A Girl Smile Over Text

4 Ways To Make A Girl Smile Over Text

So, there is a girl that you like so much, you also think about here and you want to spend more time with her

To do so you want to make her smile over text, don’t you? And you are wondering what things to text a girl to make her smile. This post will help you improve your texting skills.

1. Get a feel for what kind of humor she likes

Not every girl finds the same things funny, and if you step out the gate with some off-base humor she doesn’t get or isn’t ready for, you could lose your allure. Ask her some questions that will give you a good idea of what she’s into—without sounding like you’re interviewing her for a magazine article.

Some examples: “Will Ferrell Movies, yea or nay?” “What did you think of [insert name here] hosting SNL?” “Have you seen that puppy/baby YouTube video?”

Does she like political satire? South Park? The Muppets? If she loves political humor you’ll have a lot to work with, but if she’s looking for a way to escape it, maybe don’t hit her with the latest burn from Bill Maher.

2. Create attraction with a girl through role-play

Women tend to be very imaginative and have a great time indulging in role-playing.  It takes a girl out of the mundane day-to-day life and puts her in the middle of a fun, interesting adventure.  Women want a man who can lead them on this adventure.  And even though it’s not real, that shared experience will cause her to feel closer to you and therefore get her more attracted to you.  Meanwhile, the positive emotions you’ve generated in her will also get the girl to like you that much more.

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To start bantering with a girl using role-play, simply assign a role to yourself and to her.  Some examples of how to banter with a girl through role-playing include pretending you’re husband and wife (who are potentially heading for divorce), travel buddies, a rock star, and his groupie… or anything else that comes to mind.

3. Know your memes.

Memes are great for two reasons. First, they convey the entire spectrum of human emotion, making the emotionally limited act of texting far more elastic. Second, everyone understands them. It’s what makes them a meme. They’re also so plentiful, you can easily tailor your meme usage to her interests. Is she into The Bachelor? Hit those Corinne memes hard. Was she an OG Spongebob fan? Ripe with opportunities. Just don’t overuse the meme angle. She’ll think you’re weird, or worse, one of those cave creatures that never get off Tumblr.

4. Make a girl smile by smiling first

A common mistake men make when texting girls is not using emoticons.  But a smiley face, winking face, or any other emoticon can dramatically improve the tone of your text to a girl.  And simply seeing that smiley face (and from there imagining your smiling face) can be enough to activate her mirror neurons and get the girl smiling, too.

An additional advantage in using emoticons when texting girls is that emoticons make your mood and intentions clear.  You don’t want her guessing what your emotion behind the text was because that gives her mind a chance to wander to a dark place (she may assume you were angry, annoyed, etc.).  By allowing her to see the mood behind the text, she has no reason to second guess your attitude and you can avoid disastrous miscommunication when texting girls.

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