5 Principles You Must Maintain If You Want To Become Extremely Rich – If You Are Poor You Are The Cause

5 Principles You Must Maintain If You Want To Become Extremely Rich – If You Are Poor You Are The Cause

If you want to be extremely rich, not only do you need to do more but you must have more desire and more focus than the typical person. You need to develop the habits and rituals which will inevitably create success.

Do you have a goal of wanting to be a millionaire but have habits that doesn’t back it up?

To become wealthy you need to follow the habits that have helped numerous other millionaires and billionaires who has already acquired massive wealth.

Steve Siebold interviewed more than 1,200 of these people to reveal the principles to get rich.

I believe everyone have the potential to become rich, but why are the resources found only in the hands of a few? Please Read This Carefully.

1. How Do You Think? – For as the thoughts of his heart are, so is he” This means that a person’s true nature isn’t always visible, sometimes they may appear generous on the outside, but they are really selfish or greedy on the inside. You cannot succeed alone, no one will tell you this but I am telling you today. IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE. You succeed by thinking good about other people. Also have FAITH, Believe in Yourself. Tomorrow will be better.

2. What Do You See? – Rich people see opportunities but poor people see problems. Don’t let what is happening around you determine your thoughts. For example; Your dream is to further your education to University level, but you don’t have the money or anyone to sponsor you. That doesn’t mean you should change your mind, instead use it as a motivation to study your books by faith, work on your dreams there is always a way out. Anything can happen, think about it. Whatever a man focus on is exactly what he get. Believe it or not “want” is a spiritual force. If you want something you’ll do anything right to get it. The rich sacrifices. There are many ways of sacrificing. Some example are;

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• Prayers.

• Giving – It can be love, money, clothes etc.

3. Do You have Patient? – A Rich man have patients. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Important work takes time. You can not build wealth over night, and if you do, it might likely crush because, you do not have the experience to maintain it. You work towards your wealth gradually till you get it. Success is a process. Wealth is a process. While waiting, keep working on it.

4. Who do you Surround Yourself With? – Rich people surround themselves with rich people. You want to be rich, make friends with rich people, or at least, someone that has wealth more than you. You’re not just making friends with them for fun, but because you want to learn and because life is spiritual – Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.

Distance yourself from lower people, even if he/she is your friend. Unless he/she want to change or else you will remain the same.

5. What do you spend you money on? – Rich people make their money work for them. Many of us, if we hit a Million dollar, the whole world will know, you’ll buy here and there, and make nonsense noise for just for 1 Million. Meanwhile, a rich man will be thinking of how he will invest it and manage the little he has already. Nobody knows tomorrow, but we know today. Be wise!.

Important Note:

• You can’t change your life unless you are really serious you want to change it.

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• It is not going to be easy, so get prepared.

• Have patients – Have Faith you will make it.

• Help people you can help around you.

• Always be happy.

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