5 Steps To Surviving Major Changes In Life

5 Steps To Surviving Major Changes In Life

How do you handle life changes, whether they’re major life changes or just minor inconveniences?

Does something changing in your world automatically shut you down? Do you struggle when trying to figure out how to go on, now that everything you knew as “normal” has changed?

If so, you’re not alone. But there’s a way that people who handle life changes well react that might benefit you and make your ability to deal with change easier than ever.

It doesn’t have to be terrifying!

My dear friend Emily Takimori called her life the perfect dance — until the music stopped with the COVID-19 pandemic and forced her to deal with a new reality.

She and her husband are working parents with young children, a combination that takes many moving parts to run efficiently.

When the country shut down, their dance completely unraveled, and the pair took on the roles of full-time caregiver, school teacher, and so much more — all while trying to maintain their demanding careers from home.

How did Emily handle this big change? She recently shared her secrets with me, and I believe they can help you successfully navigate change in your own life.

Here are 5 key steps to navigating life changes that will help you not just survive, but thrive.

1. Roll with it.

A project manager by trade, Emily started out by making a detailed plan for each day. But she quickly realized that didn’t always work with small children. Instead, she found that a loose schedule with room for flexibility worked best.

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As you move through changes in life, be prepared to take it one day at a time, and let go of rigid expectations. Just roll with it!

2. Communicate.

Emily and her husband discovered that clear communication saved them from unnecessary frustration. In times of change, a breakdown in communication can make an already difficult situation harder.

Beyond her marriage, Emily used this with her coworkers as well by making her needs clear and listening to those of others. Be sure to communicate with your tribe in tough times.

3. Find your “rhythm.”

The uncertainty that comes with change can be uncomfortable. Emily and her husband worked as a team to find their new rhythm — something that often fluctuated from day to day.

Whether you’re facing a global pandemic, a company buyout, a broken relationship, or all of the above, find a rhythm that works for you.

A focus on teamwork with others and a dose of patience go a long way.

4. Look for happiness and laugh.

One way Emily got through the long days at home was by sharing hilarious Instagram stories. These glimpses into her new normal kept her — and her friends — laughing.

It’s important to find humor in your daily life. Laughter really can be the best medicine! Celebrate the small things and keep smiling as you move forward.

5. Practice gratitude.

Emily realized how much she took for granted before the shutdown. But she also found the silver lining in the extra time with her family. Even in the midst of change, there are benefits.

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Be thankful for what you may have overlooked before, as well as what you’re gaining. A little gratitude can lead to a more positive attitude.

Emily took her new normal one step at a time and redesigned her life to find success. Try the steps above and you, too, can successfully navigate whatever comes your way.

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