5 things most women want from men that is more important than money

5 Things Most Women Want From Men That Is More Important Than Money

I beg to differ on the popular opinion that all most women want from men is money. No matter how society has pushed this narrative and influenced our thoughts with this opinion, it’s not always true . This is why you see many men complaining that they don’t really know what women want because they have seen some ladies cheating on their partner that has a lot of money.

Here are 5 things that women want that is more important than money:

1. Someone that listens:

Women love their man to listen to them talk about how their day went, her new hair, her new annoying co worker. When she starts talking, get off whatever you are doing and listen to her. These little moments matter a lot.

5 Things Most Women Want From Men That Is More Important Than Money

2. Random compliments:

Sometimes compliment your woman for no reason, tell her she is beautiful . Women love random compliments a lot though they won’t tell you. When she is all dressed up for work, tell her how stunning she looks.

5 Things Most Women Want From Men That Is More Important Than Money

3. Good communication and intimate conversations:

Women want you to express yourself fully, show them your vulnerable side though you have to be careful in this aspect because not of all them are matured enough. Either way, try and communicate effectively with her. Ask her how her day went, how she coped through the stress all day and how much you missed her

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4. New ideas and inspirations:

Women love learning new things. That’s why they are attracted to intelligent guys, share new ideas with her from time to time. Expand her knowledge and drive her to be a better person, then watch how she falls deeply in love with you.

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5. Good Food:

Women love food passionately, even more than men. From time to time if you can do it, cook for her or join her to cook. This will help you guys bond more. If you don’t have the leisure for that, take her out to a nice restaurant which mustn’t be expensive. They appreciate these little things the most.

Of course, there are so many other things they want, ranging to cuddles to a walk down the street. So guys, it’s not always about your money.

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