5 Things That Makes A Relationship Healthy And Successful

5 Things That Makes A Relationship Healthy And Successful

It is essential for you to look for means to make your relationship healthy or maintain your already healthy relationships for a lifetime.
It is also important for you to know that there are no one exact means to make a relationship healthy or maintain a relationship. Methods proven worked by A might not work for B and methods that destroyed C might be perfect for D.

So trying to accumulate enough information as you can and knowing your partner will actually go a long way for you. You need to know those things you do to make them feel loved, happy, and accepted and also, markdown those things you do that make them mad. You will have to evaluate the method that will work for your relationship afterward.

However, I’m going to draft out the general methods that might be a perfect match for your relationship. So don’t run off so quickly. A lot of dating and relationships researchers Samantha Joel, Ph.D., and Prof. Paul Eastwick, Joel and Prof. Eastwick, Profs Nickola Overall and James McNulty, Karen Melton, Ph.D., e.t.c. have proven these methods.

1. Start your relationship with the purpose

Though we don’t get to plan our relationship. We don’t know when and how we’ll find the love of our life. It’s no longer news that life happens when we are busy making other plans. But research suggests that “start as you mean to go on” when it comes to relationships.

It is essential that else start a new relationship based on purpose. You need to be assured that your partner is aligned with your needs and wants. If that’s the case, then you are good to go.

It is very essential at an attainable end to be able to know if your partner is with you or against you. It sounds insane but it’s true.
When they do not support your needs and wants, they might not be able to live with you for long.

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2. Communicate to solve the conflict

Communication is not only the key to bonding in any romantic relationship, but it’s also the stream of a peaceful home, family, or relationship. You’d want to know how I came to this conclusion.

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When you communicate with your partner, you know everything day in, day out. That every time they do not appreciate what you did, you are aware. Because they tend to tell you during effective communication. You understand your partner more and the chances of you both conflicting deteriorate.

“Stress can arise in relationships when partners experience conflicting goals, motives and preferences,” write Profs Nickola Overall and James McNulty in a recent study about communication during conflict.

The reason why partners conflict can vary but they are all tied around previous unresolved conflicts and stress.
But when you communicate more, those unresolved conflicts would have been touched and made right.

Effective communication will be able to help you understand when your partner is stressed out and when to come in and make them feel comfortable.

The fact that you understand them deeply comes to play. Your relationship becomes stronger and healthier. You cannot achieve a long-term relationship without effective communication. That’s why the long-distance relationship is expensive when it comes to making it strong and healthy.

3. Make time for couple activities

When you have something that has a priority, you create time for it. This is also essential in a relationship if you want your partner to feel important. When your partner feels important they’ll find more reason to love and stay with you.
You need to create time for a couple of activities. Spends weekends in resorts, go to a nearby beach or hotel. Have a nice time together doing couples business. Be as romantic as possible as you can. Be available as possible as you can but don’t overdo it. I know you are busy doing important stuff and blah blah blah. Your partner is important and should be included in your schedule as well. You cannot have a healthy relationship without spending time with your partner and make them feel comfortable and important with you.

For example, one study covered on MNT last year suggested that couples who make time to play board games together also had a good quality love life.

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The study found a simple reason for this correlation: Partners who took part in these fun activities together saw an increase in oxytocin, the “love hormone,” so-called because it plays a key role in bonding behaviors.

Karen Melton, Ph.D., and her colleagues — who conducted the board games study — note that, for a couple’s activity to lead to the spike in oxytocin, it likely should involve interaction between the partners.

Simply attending an event together but not interacting, for instance, may not have the same bonding effect.

The researchers also found that the novelty factor influenced how much oxytocin they released: Couples who organized their fun activity in a new place outside their home saw a greater “love hormone” boost than those who played at home.

The takeaway? Doing fun things, ideally in new, unfamiliar surroundings, might help maintain relationship quality.

4. Carve your own space

It is important to spend more time with your partner and it is also essential to spend time alone. Seeking self-worth and value is important.

When you spend all your valuable time with your partner, they feel trapped in the relationship. You need to give them their space and let them be sometimes. You need to understand that they have their own life to live, they have friends and family too. Knowing and understanding this will help your relationship.

“If the relationship is too close, suffocating even, then the couple [becomes] merged and there is little scope for exploration and growth, of other interactions, of missing your loved one and wanting to return, bringing new ideas and energy into the relationship.“

Alex Psaila

5. Show attention and appreciation

While it is important to show attention, it is likewise important to show appreciation to your partner.
They need to be aware that you appreciate their hard work in making the relationship work. You need to appreciate their sacrifice in making you happy. And more also, you need to understand that they totally need your attention.
Pay attention to every little information can help grow the relationship as well. Understanding their body language, getting to know their birthdays, important events, and occurrence, every bit of information they convey to you can be of great help to the relationship. They will know that you are always with them with all your heart, soul, and mind.

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According to a study from 2017, one of the main reasons for long-term couples splitting up was that one of the partners was no longer showing enough affection and attention to the other.

And a study from 2018 found that young adults — aged 18–29 — who perceived that their partner put a similar effort into initiating text conversations also reported greater relationship satisfaction.

Other research has shown that women who reported being satisfied in their romantic relationships also reported that their partners were appreciative of their bodies. And, they reported increased satisfaction with their sex lives.

Finally, although material gifts are not a measure of love in any relationship, some studies have shown that when a partner can and does offer gifts, this can contribute to relationship satisfaction if done correctly.

Research from last year suggests that for a gift to increase relationship satisfaction, it has to be well thought out. The gifts we offer to others, the researchers explain, can reflect the image they have of themselves or the image we have of them.

If the two do not coincide, then it is likely that the gift we pick will be disappointing to the receiver. But, the researchers say, if we know our partners well, we will manage to pick a gift that truly fits in with their personality and hobbies — and will reflect positively on our relationship.

No matter how you choose to show your affection, though, expressing your appreciation of your significant other — and not just on Valentine’s Day — is a safe bet when it comes to maintaining relationship quality.

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