5 Types Of Women You Should Always Cherish In Your Life

5 Types Of Women You Should Always Cherish In Your Life

Generally in life it’s no longer easy to find good people by our sides, but as a guy these are few things you should look out for in a woman or lady you are with, because such women are rare…

1. A woman who always pray for you

Behind every successful man there is a woman doing a great job in the background. Prayer is one of the greatest job a good woman will do in your life because life is more spiritual than we think so it needs to be backed up with prayers.

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5 Types Of Women You Should Always Cherish In Your Life

2. A woman who respects you even if you are broke

The thing is that staying with a broke guy is never easy because a woman have personal needs that needs to be met…but finding that woman who understand that at the moment you are unable to dispense cash but you will one day be able to take care of those needs, I believe you should Cherish such woman.

3. A woman who truly loves you and cherish you

A woman who loves and cherish you will never disrespect you, and if she do love you then everything about you will bother her and she will always show you love and care and will always be there for you.

4. A house keeper:

A woman who is a house keeper should always be cherished in your life. Don’t let go a woman that can manage your resource, manage your kitchen and be able to make a meal out of nothing much. I’m talking about a woman that keeps your house clean and in order,  a woman that isn’t extravagant.

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5. A woman that sees beyond your today

When I talk about a woman that sees beyond your today, I’m referring to a woman that is not myopic. A woman that understand that life is a process and for the fact that you live in a one room apartment today does not prevent you from being a landlord tomorrow. I’m talking about a woman that is positive about your tomorrow..A woman that speaks life into your tomorrow.

These are women you should always keep close to heart if possible make them yours forever.