6 Foods You Should Not Take In An Empty Stomach

It is very common to see people eat anything that comes their way in the early hour of the day. We eat some of this stuffs just to rush to work or to attend to other activities which we assume are more important without minding the implication this might have on our health.

The first food we eat in the morning can set the course of your day. Certain foods can wreak havoc inside your empty stomach which can make you miserable.

6 Foods You Should Not Take In An Empty Stomach

This is because your stomach contains acids that help in breaking down food particles and some foods can react with the acids which may cause problems for your digestive system.

Below  are 5 kinds of foods you should not eat on an empty stomach.

1. Spicy Food

Spices add tastes to food and though you love to eat your favourite spices early in the morning, it is not healthy for your body. Eating spicy and chilly foods on an empty stomach can irritate your stomach lining which can lead to acidic reaction and cramp. Spices are pungent and can lead to indigestion.

2. Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks taste so good but it is harmful to your stomach no matter what time of the day you take them. It is, even more, worse when you take them on an empty stomach. When you take aerated drinks on an empty stomach, the carbonated acids they contain can mix with stomach acid which may lead to issues like nausea and gas. Under normal conditions, your stomach naturally excretes acids to aid digestion of food, but if there is no food in your stomach and you keep adding acids, you are doing more harm to your digestive system.

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3.Sugary Foods or Drinks

Many believe taking a glass of fruit juice first thing in the morning is a healthy way to start the day but that might not be the case. Drinking fruit juice first thing in the morning can put a lot of pressure on your pancreas that is still waking up from a long hour of sleep. Fructose in fruits can overload the liver when taken on an empty stomach so it is advisable you skip sugary drinks first thing in the morning.

4. Raw Vegetables

If you believe taking vegetable salads first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day, you should have a rethink. Raw vegetables or salads have a high amount of coarse fibers which can put extra load on your digestive system. These fibers are hard to digest so eating them on an empty stomach is not ideal as they can cause abdominal pain.

5. Coffee

Starting your day with a cup of coffee is very common but that doesn’t make it healthy. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to acidity which can cause gastritis in some people.

6. Citrus fruits

Fruits are always very healthy if they are eaten at the right time. Eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach may increase acid production. Moreover, too much fiber and fructose in fruits can also make slow down your digestive system if eaten on an empty stomach. You should especially avoid eating fruits with tough fibers like guava and oranges early morning.


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