6 Shocking Mistakes Ladies Make That Drives Men Away

6 Shocking Mistakes Ladies Make That Drives Men Away

People have varying degrees of tolerance. What will largely set one person off may be excused by another. However, there are things people do that have major effects on the person they’re with.

Here, we will see some mistakes most ladies make that make men lose interest in them quickly.

1. Bringing your negative feelings to the fore in every discussion

It’s all right to try to be realistic sometimes, but when you do it all the time to the point that you see things from the negative, you will only push him away. You’re rarely hopeful and in all your discussions with him, you always let it show that things wouldn’t go the right way, then that’s bad. Nobody wants to spend time with people who have an air of negativity around them. Constantly showing that will just make him disappear!

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2. Being overly emotionally and financially dependent on him

You meet someone you really like and start off something new or in the process of starting something new, and immediately, you place on him the total responsibility of making you happy, you have just taken the right step towards pushing him away. You shouldn’t rely on your partner too much for that. This type of emotional dependence is bad for both of you. Don’t place on anyone the burden of being responsible for your emotional and financial state, instead you should look to bringing happiness into the relationship.

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3. Intentionally playing games and testing him

This is simple. Drama isn’t a thing for men. They do not like it! You could be tempted to test a guy to see if he truly likes you, when you’re new with him, by making him chase. That could turn against you and you’ll end up losing him. Keep a guy’s interest by making things simple. Hoops and loops and dramas when you’re with someone new are a huge turn off.

4. Expecting him to read your mind

Arguably, one of the biggest mistake is expecting a guy to read your mind and know what’s wrong without letting him know is one way to pushing him away and making him lose interest emotionally. Nobody likes stress. Being open and straightforward about what’s bothering you is not only refreshing but sexy. Constantly making him guess the reason for your gloominess can be tiring and really boring. It will make him avoid you!

5. Overtly trying to change him and constantly judging him

You want him to take going to your place of worship seriously? Fine. There are cool ways to do that instead of quarreling with him—playfully or not—about it and using Biblical scriptures to condemn him and his likes- that could be counterproductive. Ultimately, he gets tired and really bored and then, try to avoid you because he knows what’s coming.

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6. Being too clingy

Everyone needs space, except maybe your pet dogs. You’d be making a terrible mistake if you think calling, texting and always being around a man will keep him. No, it won’t. It’s very okay to want to spend a lot of time with someone you just met and you like, but taking it too far is where the problem is. You being clingy could be a sign of your insecurity, desperation and self-doubt.It will register and suddenly he will begin to pull away. Unhealthy fixation scares people.

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