6 Shocking Reasons Why People Die Young – A Must Read

Most people in the world today want to live to a very old age, they want to enjoy life to the fullest both male and female inclusive. The fact remains that nobody wish to die even though death is an inevitable factor.

There are thousands of reasons why people die, but in this article we have restricted the points to only 6 prominent ones that is worthy of immediate attention and consideration.

Below are the 6 reasons why people die young

1. Drugs and Alcohol

Gang Of Young People Taking Drugs


15% of the deaths of aged group were induced by drugs or alcohol. Abusing drugs and alcohol may be a rite of passage into adulthood, but it is risky.

In addition to the chance of an overdose, it also greatly increases risky sexual behavior and the odds of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Preventing drug and alcohol abuse is the focus of many programs, both aimed at encouraging parents to discuss these issues with their kids and peers to influence each other.

2. Stress

Stress is the parent to so many diseases like hypertension, stroke, etc.

Stress kills an individual slowly and silently. Stress can make one break down and it’s avoidable with enough sleep, rest and less thought.

Too much stress will surely lead you to an early grave.

3. Depression

Youths and adults die everyday by being depressed on a situation or another, it either leads to breakdown of the body or suicide. Depression can come from bad experience, death of a loved one or a bad condition.

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4. Bad lifestyle (Diet)

Having a bad lifestyle will surely leaf you to die young, do regular check-up, eat much fruits and vegetables than junks and exercise regularly.

Have a dietician or nutritionist to help you set your daily meal table or set it yourself with a balanced diet (a good mixture of all the classes of food).

5. Smartphones

This is common and strange, I will explain bit by bit on how mobile phones is a reason why people die young.

Mobile phones can lead people to die young in so many ways.

1. Through accidents and carelessness like people who walk while on the phone, people using headsets on the road and those carried away by smartphones.

2. Smartphone network radiation can causes brain tumor or cancer, the radiation coming from mobile phones is dangerous but that theory don’t have a proof yet.

Smartphone radiation is the cause of some secret infertility in men (the radiation boils the scrotum).

3. Through scams and hacking, smartphone can lead someone to early grave or suicide if scammed of a huge amount of money or your online business is being hacked.

6. Smoking

Smokers are liable to die young, they suffer from different kinds of respiratory diseases.

Smoking is more dangerous that the HIV virus, when a person gets addicted to smoking he/she is so unhealthy no matter what food he/she eats. Smoking should be banned or controlled just like vaping.

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