7 Reasons Why Older Men Want Relationships With Younger Women

7 Reasons Why Older Men Want Relationships With Younger Women

They say love is beyond age and language.  But have you ever raised an eyebrow when you see a man dating a woman who’s roughly the age of his daughter? Sometimes it may be true love where the two of them are together for genuine reasons. But sometimes it may be for these subconscious reasons that a man might never admit.

1. They cling on to their youth by being with younger women

Aging can be a beautiful process of evolving, but sometimes men can’t deal with it positively. They try to run away from their age and desperately want to remain in their make-believe sense of youthfulness. And having a younger partner helps them do this. The excitement they feel by dating or marrying a younger woman helps them explore more and it feels like a risk they would love to take.

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2. They can’t keep up with the needs of a mature woman

As women grow older, they know exactly what they want and they are less likely to stay in a relationship where their partner disrespects their needs. Some men might feel like being in a relationship with a younger woman is less demanding and they have to make fewer negotiations with them. They might feel like it’s easier to be with a younger woman who’s still understanding her needs rather than try to keep up with the needs of an older woman who won’t settle for anything less than what she wants.

3. They feel more in control when they’re dating someone younger

Men might subconsciously feel like they have the upper hand in the relationship because of the obvious age factor. They might be able to exert more power, especially because younger women are likely to give in to their ideas. Some older men might be searching for that kind of unsaid dominance and lean towards the idea of being with younger women to fulfill that need.

4. They run away from commitment and might be afraid of intimacy

Sometimes, older men might create a comfort zone for themselves and they like to stay cocooned in it for as long as they can. Because of this, they might prefer dating younger women because they find it easier. Younger women would be more open to trying out new things in relationships and might not demand the kind of stability that older women would want. This works for some older men who fear intimacy and avoid getting into serious relationships.

5. They feel more adventurous when they’re in the company of someone younger

A young woman who always says “yes” to adventure and excitement is the kind of thing that some men crave for. They feel young and spontaneous when they are with a younger woman because it makes them feel like they never lost that youthful hunger for all things new and exciting. Being with an adventurous younger woman makes them believe that they still have the old thrill in life.

6. They like feeling protective over a younger woman

When a younger woman is in a relationship with an older man, she might often look up to him for advice and security. And this makes the older man feel wanted. He likes the feeling of being protective of someone. He would never have to experience the feeling of being rejected by her because she would never question his advice. It quenches his need of wanting to be an authoritative figure.

7. They get an ego boost when they are with someone younger

While older women are more likely to challenge men, a younger woman would rarely do this. It could be an adrenaline rush for his ego when he has a younger woman clinging to his arm as he walks down the street. He feels a lot more confident about himself for making a younger woman fall for him. And it could be his way of feeling validated and self-assured.

However, this need not always be the case. There have been a number of times where older men and younger women have shared a great love and had successful relationships. When it’s the right partner, age is just a number and things just fall into place.

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