7 Signs That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

7 Signs That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

It is not always an easy adventure to get the girl of your dream. It takes a whole lot of time and effort. Another challenging aspect of the whole phenomenon is keeping her in your life. It is damn hard.

When you have a love of your life at your side, then you need to do whatever it takes to keep that person there. If you take her for granted, then you miss out on having this amazing woman there forever which I’m sure you don’t want to risk.

A girl isn’t going to break up with you out of the blue. She isn’t going to make that kind of decision so whimsically. After all, breakups are painful, and they’re hard. There isn’t one single thing that you do that would make her fall out of love with you. Naturally, it’s going to be an accumulation of factors that would lead her to make this decision.

If you are curious about whether your girl still loves you or not, there are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for. If you notice that she is exhibiting a lot of these signs, then it might be time for you to be worried.

1. She doesn’t ask about your life anymore.

She doesn’t try to ask you about your life anymore. It has gotten to a point wherein you start wishing that she would ask you about your day more. However, she has just wholly become disinterested in you and your personality. It’s as if she doesn’t care about you at this point.

2. She makes decisions on her own.

In the past, you always used to make decisions as a team. It would be reasonable for her to turn towards you whenever she was fazed by something. However, things are different now. Nowadays, she goes ahead and makes decisions on her own without even letting you know beforehand.

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3. She doesn’t engage in arguments with you.

She no longer tries to engage in arguments with you. Instead of staying and fighting, she shuts down or walks away. You might see this as a victory. However, what this means is that she’s no longer looking to connect with you. Consequently, she doesn’t care about what you say or think.

4. She doesn’t express gratitude for your efforts.

Whenever you try to do something beautiful for her, she shuts you down. It always hurts to have your efforts and your gestures dismissed by the one you love. However, you should be taking this as a real sign that she’s no longer as in love with you as she once was.

5. She doesn’t make an effort to be physically intimate with you.

Physical intimacy is always going to be one of the most essential facets of a romantic relationship. Consequently, if you notice that she doesn’t make that effort to be intimate with you, something must be wrong. After all, it’s not like you weren’t physically close with one another in the past.

6. She Talks Negatively About You to Her Friends

A woman’s actual thoughts about you are never going to be exposed to you directly, no matter how honest you think she is.

The only people she will be comfortable enough to be 100% honest around are her best friends she hangs out with or at least used to on a regular basis. It’s similar to our locker-room talks when we joke around, have our man-talks, and celebrate our sexual conquests.

Obviously, you’re never going to know about what she’s actually saying and neither should you bother to, but at one point you’re going to find out.

One way or another, the truth will reveal itself to you and you’ll know.

So if you do find out about her talks with her friends about you in a disrespectful way, then this is a definite sign that she doesn’t respect you, and therefore, doesn’t love you anymore.

Because women really care about their image, and the relationship they choose is a huge part of that image.

Once she abandons your reputation, then you’re no longer part of her public presentation — you’re now just a person she lives with and not necessarily someone she really wants to be with.

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7. She Suddenly Has More Male “Friends”

Women don’t need male friends.

Might seem a little backward to most people these days, I know.

But women in relationships don’t really have to maintain male friendships.

Now, you might say respond to that with the very common question men respond with, “Why would you say that? Shouldn’t I be confident and secure enough to let her deal with males?”

To this I say: this really depends on timing and context, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t be dealing with this situation.

In reality, women don’t really need male friends unless it’s for attention to feed their sometimes insatiable egos.

Women and men don’t really connect on a mental and emotional level the way they do with their same-sex friends.

A woman is never going to understand and relate to you the way a good male friend would.

This doesn’t mean that male-female friendships don’t work because they obviously do.

But this kind of friendship tends to get complicated when one side is slightly more attractive than the other.

What usually ends up happening is that one person falls for the other, and then it goes downhill from there, even when one of them is already in a relationship.

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