8 Important Attributes That Women Want In A Man That Is More Important Than Money


The world marked the international men day recently and the men have been getting a lot of attention concerning who a real man is? what a real man should be and also giving men an awareness about the role of their gender in society.


One of the prominent issues were what traits should a real man have for him to have a sense of responsibility especially to the female folks, while many women in this part of the world explained that a man who is rich and wealth is who should be called a man, many have also argued that it goes beyond having money, they argued that if a man is rich and wealth and doesn’t have these then he is not a real man.

The following are the 8 attributes that makes a real man;

1. Leadership quality:

As a man, you are a born leader, in whatever sphere you find yourself. You have to have integrity, accountability, empathy, vision and the ability to influence people, every human being should have these qualities, however having these qualities as a man can help you lead your family, career life in making the right decisions and putting things in the right perspective.

2. Bravery:

One of the qualities a woman admires in a man is someone that can stop up and do what is right even if he stands alone. A brave man has a vision and he is not scared to pursue those dreams and this quality trait gets every lady attracted to him even the male folks get attracted to his bravery. Bravery is not about fighting the wrong course but fights what you think is right even if you fight alone.

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3. Compassion:


A lady loves a man who can show mental, emotional and physical empathy towards them because women naturally love been pampered especially when there are down. A man who is sensitive to a woman wants is a real man.

4. Self-control:

Self-control is the ability to restrain yourself from acting in your impulse especially when you are hurt, angry or bitter. It is also being disciplined about one’s life. As a man, a lady can get you pissed but the ability to act mature and avoid generating it to physical violence is a very attractive trait in a man.

5. Confidence:

Women naturally like a man who believes in themselves, their abilities and their dreams. A man who has confidence in himself has better chances of being successful than a man who is timid about taking his chances. Having the right self-esteem and self-belief can even help a man have a lady who looks tough to handle.

6. Humility:

Humility is the quality of being moderate, humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking about yourself less, in other words, you’re selfless and you are a man that puts others first especially your loved ones and family.

7. Vision:

This is a quality every human being should have in their life journey, hence a real man should also have a future he wants to accomplished, something that is sustaining, and only a hardworking man can have a vision, a plan, and be committed to it and also have God do the rest

8. Respect and love:

A woman loves a man who knows how to respect a woman and also love her. it is not difficult to love a woman, just give her attention, listen to her, don’t make her feel insecure and pamper her, she would love you and respect you in hundred folds than you have for her.



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  1. Woow very helpful tips. But I was thinking, can we consider good sex as an attribute most women would value more than money?

  2. Your in the wrong town ,sex isn’t everything.Joromi she can find someone better than u for that LOL!

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