8 Ways To Achieve Your Goals And Become Successful

8 Ways To Achieve Your Goals And Become Successful

As humans, we are wired to want more, be more and achieve more. What we lose sight of is our incredible ability to rapidly manifest what we desire. As someone who helps entrepreneurs reach the next level of success in their businesses, teaching them the proper strategies is extremely important. The individuals, who make the biggest impacts, have, what I call, the “high performance mindset.”

How would you feel knowing that if you followed a few simple steps, you could literally manifest anything you desired in any area of your life? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Don’t Let Others Set The Goals For You.

When you let others set your goals or modify them for you, this can have several damaging effects on your ability to achieve them.

First, it’s now no longer your goal, and you have no sense of ownership or commitment to this new goal, as its now someone else’s goal.

Second, people can look to make you more aggressive and look to set the goal to be bigger than you believe possible, and when you lack belief, this can cause you to quit at the first sign of difficulty.

If people want to be involved, then let them help you define how you will achieve the your goal, but don’t let them set a new goal for you.

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8 Ways To Achieve Your Goals And Become Successful
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2. Be Clear What Success Looks Look.

If you don’t know what success looks like, how will you know when you have achieved it. If you don’t have a clear goal, then you cannot put a clear plan in place to achieve it.

3. Understand Why This Goal Is Important.

If you don’t know why the goal is important to you, then it’s just random. Understanding the why will give you a stronger sense of purpose, and this sense of purpose will keep you motivated during the difficult times. When you lack a sense of purpose if things do start to go awry, there is nothing stopping you from downgrading your goal and lowering the bar.

To achieve big bold goals, you need to be firm on the goal, but flexible on the approach, and having a strong why will help you keep your eyes on the prize and keep going in the tough times.

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4. Track Your Performance.

I’m a big believer in the adage what gets measured gets done, but I am an even bigger believer in the power of motivation.

When we slice the elephant and know what the small interim goals are, as we start to achieve them, this will increase both belief in the approach and also confidence that success is achievable.

If you’re leading a team, then make sure that not only do you track performance, but that you also share the progress with your teams.

When the going gets tough, it’s great to hear that progress is being made. Sometimes when you have your head down and are charging towards the finishing line, it can be difficult to know just how close you are and hearing the progress can encourage you to make that final push to get over the line.

If you want to set your self a big bold goal, then to increase your chance of success, be clear about what success looks like, make sure it’s your goal and understand why it’s important to you, break it down to small goals, track your performance and celebrate each small success. If you can do that then you will significantly increase your chance of being in that small group of 8 percent who achieve their goals.

5. Write out your plans into existence.

This may seem like a lot of hard work, but trust me, it works.

Sit down, and write out exactly what you want to manifest. The key with this is simple but powerful: You need to write out exactly what you desire as if it has already happened. The reasoning behind this is simple: Your unconscious mind does not know the difference behind dreams and realities. So, the faster than you can convince your subconscious that the desired result has already manifested, the faster it will show up in your reality.

Answering the following phrase helps: “I am so happy and grateful that _____.”

For example, if the goal is to manifest an additional $5,000 you would write, “I am so happy and grateful that I have received an additional $5,000.”

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6. Stop worrying about the “how.”

This is really important. Step No. 3 is the step that will make or break your manifestation. You need to let go of “how” what you desire will manifest. If you don’t, you won’t create the space for what you desire to show up in your life.

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We are naturally wired to plan and want everything to happen specifically to that plan; however, this limits everything to flow and click into your life.

The key is to focus on the end result, and be open to how it will manifest, rather than needing it to manifest in a specific way.

7. Create a massive emotional connection.

Every high performer knows and understands that the event with the highest emotional charge is what will show up in your life. You need to be tapping into an emotional peak state whenever you are thinking about what you desire to manifest.

According to Regan Hillyer, author of Be Your Brand, when you are writing out your reality of exactly what you desire, allow yourself to tap into the feeling associated with achieving or receiving what you desire. Notice how good it feels. Double that feeling. Triple that feeling. Make a conscious effort to tap into that feeling as regularly as possible throughout the day.

Ensure that you are not consumed with negative thoughts and emotions throughout your day, otherwise, you will simply manifest more of them.

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8. Obsess over it daily.

This last step is crucial. Once you are crystal clear about what you desire, you are writing it into existence. You have to let go of how it is going to happen, and you have to develop a strong emotional connection. You need to obsess about what you desire daily. Connecting emotionally with what you desire to manifest once a day isn’t going to cut it. You need to connect emotionally at least once an hour, during waking hours.

A great way to do this is to set an alarm for every hour that you are awake, and allow yourself to tap into the emotion of having already received what you desire. Then allow everything you desire to naturally show up in your life with ease.

Some of the insights here may seem rather unusual, but if you give them a try, I’m confident you’ll see great results.  Remember, having a high performance mindset simply takes time and consistency. I encourage you to try it for 30 days and see where it takes you. You’re going to like the results.

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