9 Tricks to Emotionally Seduce a Man and Win Over His Heart

9 Tricks to Emotionally Seduce a Man and Win Over His Heart

Most women have been wondering how to seduce a man. A woman needs to be tricky, patient, and smart to get what she wants.

She needs to listen carefully to what men say and to learn from her past mistakes. I am not saying it will be easy to do that but it will pay off eventually.

There is a valid reason why men pull away in the early stages.

They just see their potential partner as too pushy and although they haven’t started anything yet, it feels like they are suffocating.

It is important to note that physical seduction isn’t difficult but going for the heart is much harder. Here is how to emotionally seduce a man without any stress.

When you have a guy in your sights, it’s easy to focus on seduction as something totally physical. The thing is, if you want to really get to know him and have a shot at a deeper relationship, you have to go beyond the physical to a certain degree and learn how to emotionally seduce a man.

The problem? It’s difficult.

I don’t want to generalize here… but most men don’t show their emotions at the start of a relationship. It takes months before you unearth these types of things because they want to trust you before they bare their heart.

It’s reasonable when you think about it. If you give your emotions away too soon, you end up getting hurt, so it’s self-preservation in many ways. However, that can lead to the start of a relationship or even the start of a crush being wholly unsatisfying for you.

How to emotionally seduce a man

Sure, the physical side of it is great. The early stages are all about staying in bed all day and having a damn good time. However, it’s not particularly deep, is it?

If you want to discover real depth if you want to look at whether this guy is true relationship material, learn how to emotionally seduce a man and get him to open up to you.

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Below are 9 tricks to emotionally seduce a man and win over his heart;

1. Smile. The first point might sound ridiculous. How can smiling make someone bare their emotions to you? Well, when you are around someone who is smiling a lot, it shows that they’re happy, their energy is light and uplifting, and it helps to build trust.

Compare that to the opposite, being around someone who is always miserable, someone who barely smiles, and who looks like the world is on their shoulders. Can you see the difference? I know which person I’d rather be around! When he remembers your smile, it will tug at his heartstrings and that’s when you really learn how to emotionally seduce a man!

9 Tricks to Emotionally Seduce a Man and Win Over His Heart

2. Don’t allow yourself to become needy. If you want to kill any chance of a relationship at the very start, becoming needy will do it. Avoid this. While you might be falling for him pretty quickly, you have to pull back the reins a little and allow yourself to keep hold of the control.

If you become needy, he’s going to pull back and he’s not going to feel any type of emotion towards you. It will freak him out. Of course, some guys might love it, but overall, it’s not something you should be attempting if you want any kind of longer-term deal with this guy.

3. Make him miss you when you’re not around. You know that you’re really learning how to emotionally seduce a man when you’ve got him missing you when you’re not by his side. The single best way to do this is to not be around him 24/7.

Give him the chance to miss you. Go out and see your friends, spend nights away from him, live your life. Then, when you do meet up, the time you spend will be fun-filled and worthwhile. Making him miss you is key to getting him to open up emotionally.

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4 Keep it light. Don’t try and force a commitment or have the ‘where are we going’ conversation too soon. Focus on spending happy times together, rather than trying to heavy everything down and make it about a quick commitment. I get that you want to know what’s going on. You might want a label for it, but try and hold off asking for a while.

There is a right and a wrong time to have this conversation. Before you’ve emotionally seduced him is the wrong time. Focus on fun-filled adventures and making memories. That way you’ve mastered how to emotionally seduce a man because he won’t want to be away from you!

9 Tricks to Emotionally Seduce a Man and Win Over His Heart

5. Avoid putting him on a pedestal. He’s a guy. He’s not the king or someone that should be celebrated with every ounce of your being! Sure, you want to make him feel good about himself, but there’s a line between doing that and making his ego expand to the point where he can’t fit through the doorway!

Celebrate him. Make him feel like a better version of himself, but know when to stop. Then, he’ll be so love-drunk on how you make him feel without going over the top, that you have him in the palm of your hand.

6. Talk about the things you love. There is something wonderful about a person who openly talks about their passions and shows their joy and love for them as they speak. It radiates from their chest. It makes you smile. Do this, and he’ll start to catch emotions pretty quickly. Of course, don’t make it all about you. Make sure that you ask him what he loves to do too and really listen to him.

7. Show him that you don’t need him. The old adage that guys love to be the rescuer isn’t particularly accurate in this day and age. Guys love it when they’re with someone who makes it quite clear that they don’t need them, they want them instead.

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Show him that you’re perfectly capable of living your life and getting by without him doing everything for you. That independence is truly intoxicating. It’s definitely up there on how to emotionally seduce a man.

9 Tricks to Emotionally Seduce a Man and Win Over His Heart

8. Reveal small details about yourself but hold back a little. Be open about yourself, talk about what you love, but talk about your memories and your fears too. However, don’t put it all out there. Feed him small details and hold back, leave him wanting to hear more. Be expressive and heartfelt. He’ll find himself catching those emotions far quicker than he thoughts.


9. Make sure you do you. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that you do you. Focus on yourself. This guy is not your life. He’s a part of it right now and you want him to be in it over the long-term, but you have to live your life and keep your social circle going. This helps you to maintain your friendships and your life outside of the relationship. Ironically, it’s also catnip to a guy.

It’s definitely one of the ways of knowing how to emotionally seduce a man. A partner who has their own life and loves what they do is something he won’t be able to resist. It shows strength of character and that’s truly special.

Sure, you can get all dressed up, wear your best clothes, pull off your flirtation routine, and have him in the palm of your hand physically, but getting him to open up emotionally is a little harder. But it’s not as difficult as it first seems, you simply need to be yourself. Show him that you’re perfectly capable with him or without him.

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