A lady with one arm narrates the unpleasant encounter she had in a church

Read pathetic story of the encounter of a young lady in the church that will keep you wondering the kind of society that we live in today.

According to her, a female church member refused to hold her one arm during a prayer session. As if that was not enough, the congregant told the amputee that she was not complete.

The lady whose name is @olivia_malachy on Instagram said that a female church member had refused to hold her hand during a prayer session. According to @olivia_malachy, while prayer was being conducted in the church, the pastor instructed congregants to pick a partner and hold his or her hands. Without making a fuss, one church member held @olivia_malachy’s hand.

When @olivia_malachy said she did not have one, the female church member told her that she was not complete and went on to look for another partner. This incident made the amputee conclude that no one can love any one better than God.

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