A young Nigerian builds generator that runs on water.

Read the inspiring story of a young Nigerian secondary school graduate by the name Emeka Nelson who has been credited with inventing a generator that runs on water 

Despite the fact that the 26-year-old Emeka is not a certified engineer, he is zealous on solving problemsEmeka Nelson is a 26-year-old innovator who recently invented a generator that runs on water only. He created this remarkable invention despite the fact that he is not a certified engineer. In fact, the inventor only graduated from secondary school. Read more: https://latesttip.com/9-years-old-boy-builds-over-30-mobile-games-in-nigeria

The machine which is, more or less, a breakthrough innovation has attracted the attention of many. Recently, Emeka Nelson who has won a number of awards for his innovative skill showed off his 1kva (1000 watts) portable hydroelectric generator on Twitter. But this is not the only thing he has invented. Read more: https://latesttip.com/9-years-old-boy-builds-over-30-mobile-games-in-nigeria/

The innovator, Emeka has also invented a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel This remarkable machine is just as portable as the hydroelectric generator.

Watch video bellow:



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