All You Need To Know About The Richest Daughter In The World

All You Need To Know About The Richest Daughter In The World

It will surprise you to know that the richest daughter in the world wears a T-shirt of $15, a trouser of $ 20, a bag of $ 10, no more than $ 100 on her body, and no brand name.

She is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates. Jennifer, a beautiful and simple girl, smiles so brightly. She is plain, with no necklaces on her neck and no earrings on her ears.

The daughter of the richest man in the world does not have a photo in a bag, a mansion, a diamond, or a luxury car. All these are too far away from her. She is a girl next door!

This is the true aristocratic temperament!

Jennifer Katherine Gates, born in 1996, is 23 years old. She is now a student at Stanford University, majoring in biology.

When Jennifer Katherine Gates first entered school, she caused a small commotion. She was the daughter of Gates! But after getting along for a long time, everyone found that this girl seemed no different from ordinary people.

She enjoys the time with classmates. There’s no special or strange words and deeds from her that made the classmates feel nobleness and stubbornness in her.

Her classmates said, “I was in a class with Jen, I also knew a few friends, and lived in a dormitory with her for the first year. It might be different for her friends, but for me, Stanford is not much different with or without her.

We once saw her in the dormitory, and my friend pointed to her and said, it was Gates’ daughter. Then everyone calmly said, ‘Oh, it’s fine’. “

Gates has won over $ 56 billion in assets. Over the past 12 years, he has donated $ 28 billion to its Gates Foundation, making it one of the world’s largest charitable organizations.

Gates donated 182 billion for the world’s but did not leave a penny for his three children, so does he not love his children? He loves them! This is the real doting!

The so-called “aristocracy” is not to leave children with endless wealth to enjoy, but to let them become the helmsmen of their own lives, to sail alone in the stormy sea, to become their best self.


Last year, Jennifer, the eldest daughter of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, fell in love.

Everyone wants to see, who can become the son-in-law of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates?

To the surprise of the crowd, Jennifer’s boyfriend was just an equestrian from Egypt.

And Jennifer indulged in sweet love is no different from any ordinary girl.

There are no extravagant parties, no expensive luxuries …


An accompanied, strict family tutor

Bill Gates was born in a middle-class family in the United States. His father was an agent of a small-town law firm and always busy every day.

However, Bill Gates’ father did not miss the growth of the children. He once disclosed in the TV program that how his family interacted with each other in detail: reading with the children, participating in parent-child activities at the school, Family gatherings and more.

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Bill Gates once said: ” accompany and encouragement from father in the childhood may seem so insignificant. However, in fact, it is far-reaching. ”

Because of that, Bill Gates can appreciate the importance of his father to a family.

Unlike most wealthy families who like to hire expensive family nanny to take care of their children, Bill Gates will do it by himself.

He takes his children to school every morning, and he tells his children bedtime stories, helps them to review their homework, and holds family dinners regularly …

A family where the father is not absent must be a safe harbor in the heart of the child. Growing up in such an environment, children’s physical and mental health can naturally be cultivated well.

Bill Gates is a loving father, but he does not lose his harsh side.

Bill Gates once talked to the host in a “Today Show” about a family rule he and his child made: ” Our family sets 13 years old as the age to get a mobile phone. ”

Even if his children later complained to him, “Other children have mobile phones, I’m the only person who doesn’t have a mobile phone, which is embarrassing.” Even during the free time at home, children must use the computer to surf the Internet within the prescribed time limit.

In addition, Bill Gates also strictly controls the pocket money of his children. At his request, each child needs to help his parents to do the housework within his ability, and can not seek help from grown- ups.

Bill Gates said: ” Cultivating a child’s independence is not enough for the child to have only an independent consciousness and attitude. The child must go through the experience and let him clear the obstacles.

Only in this way, children can learn the corresponding knowledge and skills, and can solve problems by themselves in various effective ways. ”

The warmth of a family is inseparable from the participation of his father; and the prestige of a father can also set a good standard for children and become a weapon for them to cope with the challenges of life.


An educated, independent mother

Educator Suhomlinsky wrote in the book “Family Education”: “The source of a child’s moral development lies in the mother’s wisdom, emotions, and inner passion. How people become in their own moral development determines by What kind of mother he or she has. ”

Bill Gates’s wife, Melinda, had a modest family life and a tough life. She later recalled: “It was not easy for our parents to feed our four children through college.

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Our whole family has put in a lot of effort, because my father ’s salary alone is not enough, and the family makes money through renting and other methods.

Therefore, we have believed since childhood that hard work and creative thinking can make life better. 

The quality of hard work that Melinda developed from childhood has made her even more aware of the value of diligence and housekeeping.

After the birth of her eldest daughter in 1996, Melinda quit her job at Microsoft and stay at home.

Like an ordinary full-time housewife, she simply chooses daily necessities in the supermarket, attends parent meetings on time, and picks up children at school.

Despite being the woman behind the world’s richest man, Melinda was willing to wash her lead and be a faithful mother.

As she said about her achievements in her life: “I hope that when people talk about the name Melinda Gates in the future, they will remember an excellent mother. The greatest investment in life is My three children. ”

Under the leadership of Melinda, the three children of Gates did not have the covetous style of rich children. The eldest daughter Jennifer was loved by her classmates because of her approachability and courtesy.

Admittedly, Melinda is a very good mother, but she can also stand alone in her career and set an example for children to strengthen themselves.

When all three children entered full-time school, she returned to the workplace and used billions of her assets for charity to establish her globally-renowned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

She once said to the children: “Spend $10 online to buy a mosquito net for a mother in a developing country so that she and her child (protected from mosquitoes and diseases transmitted through mosquito bites) can sleep soundly.

Such a mosquito net may change the life track of a pregnant woman and her baby in her belly. A little help from you may change their world for another family. 

Under her teachings, all the children of the Gates family are passionate about public welfare. They only consider themselves as ordinary people with better conditions and hope to help those in need through their own abilities.

Gorky once said, ” All glory and pride in the world comes from mothers. ”

A well-educated and independent mother determines the quality and upbringing of children and make their lives full of sunshine.


A visionary, big family

Bill Gates’s father said in an interview “How Gates was cultivated”:

Our standard has always been to do our best to pursue our dreams .

After Bill dropped out of Harvard, I was frustrated and worried about his future-what if he didn’t have a college diploma?

But now I am pretty sure that the children have followed our teachings to do their best for their dreams. It turned out that he chose the most correct path. ”

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There are five important words in Bill Gates ‘parents’ education: ” Respect, frankness, love .”

When Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard that year, it was certainly difficult for ordinary parents to accept, but Bill Gates’ parents eventually chose to respect his son’s decision.

This is the vision and pattern of parenting, because of the trust and support of parents, Bill Gates can take the first step of glorious life.

Similarly, when Bill Gates became a father, he continued to carry forward his parents’ educational philosophy, never interfered with their children’s career planning, and spared no effort to facilitate children’s “hobby” and help them tap their own potential .

Although her eldest daughter Jennifer was admitted to Stanford University, she was not a school bully in the traditional sense. Her grades were not outstanding in front of a group of “geniuses”. She was not a high-profile target in school.

But the Gates did not push her step by step in her studies as the average parents did. Instead, they devoted most of their energy to supporting her daughter’s “hobby”-equestrianism.

25/04/2019 ; New York ; New York Longines Masters ; 369, Cessna 24, Bloomberg Georgina ; sunday csi2 1m45 ; Sportfot

Jennifer started to learn horse riding at the age of 6, and for this she spent a lot of time working hard. For 21, she won a $ 100,000 prize in equestrian competitions. Now she is ranked 19th in the obstacle course in the National Equestrian Association National level professional players and have accumulated more than one million prizes.

In many people’s opinion, the children of Bill Gates’ family must have inherited their father’s business and become business giants. While apparently his eldest daughter has gone the opposite way.

Moreover, the Bill Gates and his wife have already stated that they will not leave their children a large legacy.

A visionary and big family doesn’t care about the gains and losses in front of one’s eyes, because one’s greatest achievement is to become the person he wants to be and to live happily .

Our educational philosophy is clear, donating most of our property to charity foundations, helping children find what they are really interested in, and giving them the freedom to try anything, instead of dumping a lot of money directly on them.

Otherwise, they may do nothing. ”

Parents cannot protect their children from the storm in the rest of their lives. The so-called “noble education” is not to leave children with a golden or a silver mountain, but to let them become the helmsmen of their own lives, to sail alone in the stormy sea, to become the best themselves.

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    This is a very beautiful discovery,am sure people like Bill Gates are not many,God created everyone with his/her own personal potential and a good creative mind in which one should utilize…

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