All You Need to Know About The The Federal Executive Council (FEC)

All You Need to Know About The The Federal Executive Council (FEC)

The Federal Executive Council, which is the cabinet of Nigeria is the Executive Branch of the Government of Nigeria. The Cabinet members are appointed by the President and report to the President.

The Cabinet oversees Federal Ministries, each responsible for some aspect of providing government services, as well as a number of parastatals (government-owned corporations).

The Full List Of Buhari’s Ministers And Their Portfolios

Current Members of the Federal Executive Council

Membership of the The Federal Executive Council

Chairman: President Muhammadu Buhari
Vice Chairman: Vice President Yemi Osinbajo
Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria – Boss Gidahyelda Mustapha
Federal Ministers and Ministers of State

The ministries and parastatals are staffed by career civil servants. Each is headed by a Permanent Secretary, a senior civil servant appointed by the Head of the Civil Service. The Permanent Secretary is accountable to a Minister, who sits in the Cabinet and reports to the President. The Minister is appointed by the President subject to approval by the Senate and is responsible for policy, while the Permanent Secretary is responsible for implementation of policy.

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By the current constitution, there must be one Cabinet member from each of the 36 states in Nigeria, although there are currently 25 ministries. To ensure representation from each state, a Minister is often assisted by a Minister of State.

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