Becky Inyangbe Enenche Biography, Date Of Birth, Family, Education And Career

Becky Inyangbe Enenche Biography, Date Of Birth, Family, Education And Career

Becky Inyangbe Paul Enenche, formerly known as Rebecca (Becky) Inyangbe Ibu, was born October 23, 1970.

She is from Benue State, Nigeria, she is a mother of four, three girls and a boy.

She is a trained Medical Doctor but now a Preacher of the gospel. She is also a Christian author, Minister, Televangelist, Musician, and Educationist. She is the wife of Doctor.

She is the wife of the ever-smiling and passionate Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Worldwide, with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

Becky Inyangbe Enenche Biography, Date Of Birth, Family, Education And Career

Looking deep at her biography, her biological father is a medical doctor and a professor of Human Physiology but he is retired now.

While her mother is a retired university administrator. She was a deputy registrar at retirement.

Her primary school education was at the Ahmadu Bello University Primary School, Samaru, Zaria, and some part of it was in the United Kingdom.

Her secondary school was at the Federal Government Girls’ College Bakori, then in Kaduna State but now in Katsina State.

She studied medicine at the University of Jos where she met her husband. The relationship started when she attended a Medical Students Fellowship in 1989; Paul was the president of the fellowship and they were in the same department but it was unknown to her that Paul was the president.

Becky is a well-known student because her father is a professor. By divine arrangement, they eventually got married on the 16th of April 1994.

She is popularly known for her traditional wear and various style clothes. She is a fashionable and pretty woman of God. She said;

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“My idea of beauty is that of being as natural as possible. I believe that the best of us comes out in simplicity, being as natural as possible”.

She has been an helpmate for her husband in ministry and all aspects.

Pastor Becky’s ministry alongside her husband, also makes a great impact with the ‘Seeds of Destiny,’ the monthly daily devotional publication designed to boost the Christian faith. She is the Director of Destiny academy and Destiny College owned by the Church

And also, her ministry has been impacted by the likes of Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo who is her mentor and mother in the faith, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Arch-Bishop Benson, and Margaret Idahosa, Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, Kenneth Hagin, and Pastor E A Adeboye.

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