Belgian School Pupils Resume Brussels Climate Marches

Belgian School Pupils Resume Brussels Climate Marches

Belgian pupils are due to resume their Friday marches for the environment, with the first event of the year focusing on the state of the oceans.

The Belga news agency on Friday reported that in 2019 young people around the globe began staging regular marches under the banner of the Fridays for Future movement, inspired by Swedish teenage activist, Greta Thunberg.

Adelaide Charlier of Belgium’s Youth for Climate group said “by putting the accent on the preservation of marine life, we want to remind people that the oceans are suffering the full force of climate change consequences’’.

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The march, organised together with Extinction Rebellion activists, is supported by environmental groups including WWF and BirdLife Europe, the agency reported.

It is set to start at 1.30 p.m. (1230 GMT) and has a planned route through central Brussels.

The Police said they expect about 3,000 people to take part, adding that in 2019 thousand participated in Belgium’s youth climate marches, putting pressure on the government to act against climate change.


“The marches are less attended now, but we are making pupils aware of the issues directly in the schools, while other activities are being planned,’’ Charlier said.

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