Breaking: Aisha Buhari Stones The Devil In Mecca

First Lady Aisha Buhari observed hajj in Mecca as she stoned the devil in a video posted on her Instagram page

The stoning the devil rite always follows after leaving mount Arafat where Muslims seek for forgiveness. Aisha Buhari could also be seen another video as she piously picked her pebbles for the stoning exercise.

The wife of president Buhari, Her Excellency Aisha Buhari, was recently seen in a video posted on her official Instagram page, where she performed stoning-of-the-devil rite. It should be noted that the stoning exercise is a ritual all pilgrims perform at Mecca during the hajj exercise after they have left mount Arafat.

In the video, Aisha is seen praying as she threw her pebbles against the wall among other pilgrims during the exercise.

Watch the video:

The heavy rain started around 2:30pm, about an hour after the pilgrims have made prayers for Zuhr and Asr respectively.

The downpour was an unexpected one as it rarely rains during thee five-day hajj exercise in Saudi Arabia.

It was gathered also that the temperature in Makkah and other cities rose to 40 degree Celsius at day time.

Some of the tent used by pilgrims from Nigeria and other countries were affected in the incident but no injuries were said to have happened at that time.

There was also a power outage at the temporary camps used by pilgrims because of the rain.

The pilgrims will leave Arafat after collecting pebbles for stoning the devil on Sunday, August 11, which is regarded as the 10th of Zhuj Hajj.

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