Dethroned Emir, Sanusi under-18 girls should not be married

Dethroned Emir, Sanusi under-18 girls should not be married

Dethroned Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II says he remained committed to ending child marriage in the country and promote gender equality.

According to him, socio-cultural norms that subjugate women must be discouraged to engender development in Nigeria.

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Sanusi spoke at the “Intergenerational Dialogue on Gender Equality” held in Abuja on Wednesday.

Speaking along the theme of the dialogue, “I am generation equality; realising women’s rights and social justice”, he lamented the slow pace of change needed to address impediments to women’s active participation in national development initiatives.

He said the authorities must urgently reconcile traditional values with progressive ideas required to address the impediments, in view of women’s importance to society’s sustenance.

“Women hold the key to continuity of life, human progress and development. The progress of the nation depends on how women raise their children.

“Culturally, we love and honour mothers. Therefore, I implore everyone to embrace the noble status of women not just at the workplace but from the early beginnings of a girl child’s life.

“We must continue to dialogue and challenge the social values that continue to hamper progress in the area of gender equality. So, I will continue to advocate against child marriages under the age of 18,” Sanusi said.

He urged more women to get involved in the agriculture and the extractive industries to create more impact on the national economy

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Sanusi was deposed as Emir of Kano earlier in the month due partly to what many called his radical views on the socio-cultural issues bedevilling Northern Nigeria.

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