Dino Melaye Warns Rich Nigerians Over Maltreatment Of The poor

The Kogi lawmaker Senator Dino Melaye is of the opinion that the poor in Nigeria will some day  rise up and fight for their rights.

The senator however issued a warning that a time will come when wealthy people won’t enjoy their riches anymore.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senator representing Kogi West senatorial district, Dino Melaye in the National Assembly, made this known through a video he shared on his Twitter page.

Senator Melaye warned that if the rich people in the Nigerian society do not protect the poor, a time will come they will not enjoy their riches.

In his words he said: “Our government must create an enabling environment for the youths to thrive. That is basic. Every country deserves the kind of leader they have. Nigerian youths must start asking questions, by holding leaders including myself accountable”.

“The elites in this country are less than 5%. You should not allow 5% to hold 95% to ransom. The 95% should determine what happens. “The elites, myself inclusive, we are very weak. We use the bravado of office to intimidate and oppress the poor. But the poor do not know that power truly belongs to the people and they can determine what the elites would do.

“If the rich don’t act now, when the poor have nothing to eat, they will start eating the rich. It will become unsafe to drive all these big jeeps on the road and it is already happening.

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“before now there was no kidnapping, but today, even a lot of rich people are afraid to organize big parties. Because if you organize a big party, you call Sunny Ade, the next day, they kidnap your wife, your mother or yourself. So, if the rich do not protect the poor, a time will come they will not enjoy their riches.”

The PDP in a statement signed by Bode Ogunmola, spokesman of the party, stated that Melaye’s was the only credible election held and adjudged as the fairest during the last national and state assembly election in the state.