How To Be A Powerful Man In Life And With Women

Are you a powerful man in the sense of everything you commit yourself to? A powerful man is a leader that sets his own path in life, and is proud of all of his accomplishments. When you have power you are in love with yourself, but not in a narcissistic way. You don’t have to sell yourself to women, nor give your power away to get what you want in a relationship.

Powerful men have no fear, they know no limitations and most importantly they know they are a catch, and one of a kind man.

And we all know women desire these powerful men, because otherwise they’d elect to date women without manly traits. Women don’t want to be chased, nor do they want to be the aggressor, or the driver of the car.

They want to be nurtured, and they need a man that will protect them to make them feel safe, all while being honorable.

How To Be A Powerful Man In Life And With Women

However what happens when men stop being a leader in a relationship, because they don’t know how to be powerful? Often guys will start to wonder if she likes him, or if they are doing the right thing.

Or perhaps begin to question what she is really all about, and it stems from being needy and insecure. Yet, the minute you lose power is the second the relationship is over.

How To Be A Powerful Man In Life And With Women

Women will walk all over any man that is not powerful, and no guy wants or hopes for that to ever happen.

So where do you start, and how do you continually convey your power as a man in a relationship? First understand that women will allow powerful men to do whatever they want when they act as the leader.

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To do so, be decisive, make a decision on where you want to take her to dinner and go there. Give her the instructions for your date, and make sure that you are there on time.

Touch her from the back with your hand and lead her into the restaurant. Be comfortable flirting with her, and tell her she’s beautiful but only do so from the heart.

Because powerful men say whatever they want with conviction, and it’s perceived as genuine from their tone. A man of power accepts that he will only kiss her on the lips at the end of the night.

Why? Because he knows the moment when he walks away, she’ll be the one dreaming about him nonstop for the rest of the night. From there follow up with her, text or call and continue to convey the same power as when you first met her.

How To Be A Powerful Man In Life And With Women

Yet a lot of guys will say something along the lines of, “how can I be a powerful man if I don’t have a powerful job to being with”?

However, remember that it does not matter what you do for a living, you could even be a Wal-Mart cashier. The reason is that you don’t have to have a sense of purpose in your workplace, but you can still be powerful in how you act outside of it.

Because maybe your real purpose is not at that job, perhaps you display your power when you create artwork or write music and sing a song. Power can be displayed by how you attract women, or even how you act around your friends or social circle.

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Don’t let your occupation define you as a person entirely, and most importantly know that it doesn’t limit your power or even self worth.

Start every day going at it feeling as powerful as you possibly can be. Walk around being confident and take a moment to understand how you feel about yourself.

Ask yourself this, do you want to be a man that leads women and does not chase them? And are you a man of action?

Start showing women who you really are, and don’t let women or other people affect you. You shouldn’t care about what other people think nor should you need validation.

You don’t need to prove to anyone or your friends how many women you’ve slept with. Instead focus on yourself and building your own relationship with a woman that simply can’t get enough of you.

So ask yourself, how powerful do you feel right now? And go out there and start working on what you need to get done. Commit every single day to becoming a more powerful man.

Because when you do this, I guarantee you’ll have greater success with women every time.

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