How To Get Any Girl To Notice You

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It is an interesting experience to have a new crush. It keeps you up at night and no bad day can wipe that smirk off your face just at the sound of their name.

It is pertinent to understand that it can be frustrating when trying to figure out the right steps to take to get your crush to notice you. One wrong move and it’s over.

Here are some tips that can help you get noticed without trying too hard and coming off as desperate.

1.Maintain eye contact

If you have a crush that you bump into often, try as much as you can to moderately lock eyes with her. The psychology of visual communication has proved to be one of key elements of body language that can be used to draw your crush closer. However, remember that too much eye contact and stares will make her uncomfortable while too little contact will make her think you are not interested. Create a balance between the two to get her to pay more attention to you.

2.Pay attention to personal grooming

One of the most important ways to get her to notice you is taking care of yourself. Ensure that you dress well, maintain neat hair and smell good at all times. A woman will be less attracted to someone who dresses sloppily and has poor personal hygiene. A man that is well dressed and smells good can grab the attention of any lady so build your personal style and she will definitely notice you.

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3.Talk to her

communicating with her is probably the most effective ways to get her to notice you. When you strike a conversation with her, it will break the ice and lead to a friendship. Through these conversations, you will be able to find out whether she is single as well as her interests. It will also help you get a better understanding of who she is and whether you are compatible in the first place. Being friends first is essential and will therefore be very beneficial in the long run.

4.Be around her

Getting her to see you at her favorite hangout spots, around school or at work is a great way to break the ice. When you make an effort to be around her, your crush will take note of your presence which is great progress. Sit next to her in class or even get your friends to hang out with her friends at social gatherings as a way of bonding. Also, remember to handle this with moderation to avoid coming off as a stalker.

5. Be active online

If you are interested in someone on an online platform, there are ways you can get noticed. Get her to feel your online presence by liking her pictures and complementing her on some of them. This way, she will be able to know you are interested in her. You should also pay attention to the personal ideas she puts online to show you are not only interested in her physical attributes. Go a step further by sending her a direct message to see if she is interested in getting to know you as well.

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6.Be confident!

Confidence can speak volumes. It is built on a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth which works wonders. You may not be super rich or the most popular person in the world and this can work up your nerves if you let yourself to overthink. Building your esteem will exude confidence and draw your crush nearer.

Avoid putting up a fake front by being the loudest in the room and being cocky. This will come off as rude and immature to the woman you may be trying to attract. Instead, be yourself and your crush will definitely appreciate that.

7.Be approachable

Being cold and distant will not help you attract the woman of your dreams. This might actually prevent her from approaching you even after noticing you. You can still be mysterious in a good way without coming off as aloof. Smile, be sociable and give her the chance to make the first move if she is interested.