How to use your Android mobile phone as a home security (CCTV) camera without internet

How to use your Android mobile phone as a home security (CCTV) camera without internet

CCTV can provide a whole host of advantages within the building in which it is installed, along with its contents and any workers or residents.

How to use your Android mobile phone as a home security (CCTV) camera without internet

Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business – 5 Advantages of CCTV

Here, we run through some of the top benefits that this safety system can bring to businesses of all types, and why it is a great thing to have installed at your business premises.

1. Crime deterrent

It goes without saying that having a CCTV camera installed at your premises will act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities. The sight of a CCTV camera infers an air of danger and the presence of the law, deterring anyone planning to carry out a crime from doing so.

2. Monitors activities

CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening at the premises where they are installed. By monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business’ site, you and your workforce can have total peace of mind about exactly what is going on under your roof.

3. Collect evidence

In the unfortunate event of a crime occurring at your premises, having a CCTV system really does pay dividends as it provides a way of collecting evidence to help ‘suss out’ exactly what happened. Crimes can be solved far more easily with additional evidence from a CCTV camera, helping place times, locations and, most importantly, suspects.

4. Decision Making

When it comes to settling disputes, footage from security cameras can be incredibly important. This applies to both domestic and commercial scenarios. Whether it’s dealing with family disagreements, employee feuds or altercations between staff and customers, by referring to CCTV footage, you’ll know the truth.

5. Keep records

It is always a good idea to keep records of when your staff are coming into and checking out of your site, as well as when deliveries are made or visitors enter the building, so you can ensure everything’s running smoothly.

There are many further reasons why CCTV really is an advantageous installation for any business premises, so why not consider getting cameras installed at your company’s site and give yourself and your staff total peace of mind in the safety of your operations?


In this article today, I will show you guide on how to use your Android phone as a home CCTV/security camera

Material you need to have two Android’s phone created from 2010 up-to-date.


Use one of the phone to download an application in the play store, in the search bar, type ‘BLUETOOTH VIDEO STREAMING’

>>>> You’ll see an application like this one download it and install it on your phone

>>> After you’ve successfully download the app and install it on your phone, send it to another phone you want to use

Note: As you know that CCTV camera must have two applications the one will record/Livestream a video and the other one will stand as your viewing television.

>>>>So now you have your two mobile phone and installed apps in both phones

>>>>Open the application in both two mobile phone

Note: There are two options

1. Send

2. Receive

>>>> Press send on the phone you want to record/Livestream the video

>>>> Press receive in the phone you want to receive/whatch a livestreamed video

>>>> Press allow on both phones to allow the Bluetooth to connect.

From there the two mobile phone will connect in which the Livestream phone will record a video and send it to the receiving phone.

Benefits:- The application has The ability to send you the video to a distance of 300 metres or more and it’s free application.

I have tested it to be working and has no much advertisement on it.

You are not in need of internet connection to Livestream your videos.

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