How Your Mobile Phone Is Killing Your Fertility As A Man

It is so common that you find people put their phone at the back of their pocket, but it is unfortunate to know that this habit is highly contagious  especially to the men counterpart.

A recent clinical research has revealed that men who often keep their mobile phones in their trouser pockets are at a higher risk of getting their sperm “cooked”.

The research was conducted after there were concerns over men who place laptops on their laps while using them and the effect of these electronic devices on male fertility.

According to the tests, the sperm count of men who kept a mobile phone in their trouser pockets for just an hour a day dropped significantly, which in turns lowers their chances of fathering children.

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The risk is associated with electromagnetic waves which have an effect on the sperms, the research says. The analyzed active sperm and found it had been reduced. We think this is being caused by heating from the phone and by electromagnetic activity”.

The study involved 106 men and was conducted over a period of one year. The results revealed that 47% of mobile phone addicts had reduced sperm counts.

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Another study that was conducted and published in the Medical Journal of Fertility and Sterility showed that men using laptops on their laps are likely to experience scrotal hyperthermia, a condition of elevated temperatures in men’s testicles.

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The increased temperatures have a negative effect on the quality of sperms, and consequently affect male fertility.

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  1. It is true mobile are affecting fertility, exposure to chemicals like pesticides can also cause infertility in men.. Lifestyle changes, stress, smoking, and alcoholism are the main reasons behind male infertility in India. Even simple counseling can also help in this issue.

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