I stay away from women because fornication drains my finances – Williams Uchemba

I stay away from women because fornication drains my finances - Williams Uchemba

The Nigerian born Nollywood actor and Instagram sensation, Williams Uchemba has stated why he avoids fornication. The bubbly entertainer who is fast becoming one of the bankable actors in Nollywood said fornication drains his finances.

Speaking in a chat with Broadway TV, he said: ”Fornication drains my finances. Staying away from women is not because I don’t feel like a man when I wake up, it is because of the consequences, it drains my finances. After 10 minutes of sexual pleasure, are you willing to go broke for months?”

The handsome entertainer also revealed that he has never had to attend any audition since he started acting.

“When people see things happen in my life , they think I am very well connected, what I do is to do yield my life to God and ask him to do whatever he wants with it.I have never gone for an audition ever since I have been filming”.

Asked about his greatest achievement, he said: ”Giving my life to Christ is my greatest achievement because it was the day I realized what life is truly about. That was when I realized that life is not about the money and the cars. I was exposed to these things as a child. The happiness wasn’t there until I realized that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

In recent times Uchemba has featured in movies like Merry Men 2, Sugar Rush and the yet to be released Dear Affy.

Uchemba has also recounted that fame isn’t the motive behind him sharing money on social media.

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“I have been in the limelight since I was eight years old. What I am doing now is not because I want popularity, irrespective of what anyone thinks. I am doing it because God has said I should do so. As long as people are blessed and their lives are changed for the better, I am happy. Before I started the challenge, I had more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and the number has not changed. The Give Challenge only drew more attention to me, but it has not made me famous. I have my skits and other things I have been doing.”