I Won’t Date Or Marry You If You Cannot Shift My Womb – Slay Queen

Woman With Four Children Cheats On Her Husband, Dies After Abortion

A beautiful Nigerian Lady has warned Nigerian men to stay away from her if they cannot, in her own words, “shift her womb”.

This has gotten several reactions on Social Media.

A Nigerian man, Kingdavide123, blasted her thus: “After shifting your womb later you will now be looking for a pastor to deliver you and help bring back your womb to where it ought to be.”

Jbnwamama: “Women no dey shame again this days”

Billions483: “I’m not sure a man can satisfy you on bed”

alexjohnofficial_: “Den never tell you say your mumu too much, You are a mumu girl”

Jbnwamama: “Women no dey shame again this days”

Edock4u: “This is highly shameful”

Samsjoe7: “That’s why u r still single”

Innoachukwu: “Doesn’t this lady have siblings or parents or even close relatives?”

Asagwarachichi: “@innoachukwu My dear, as a woman I am deeply ashamed and disturbed to see this level of depravity.”

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