If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel Run Immediately.

It is true that we all use public bathrooms or stay in hotel rooms, and not to scare you, but do you really know who is watching you while you’re going about your business?

Technology moves at the speed of light with new products and gadgets meant to make our lives easier, but there is also a dark side — one you might not even realize you’re seeing until it’s too late. There are people looking to prey on others by engaging in criminal activity, and it can be as easy as installing a hook.

While these may look like ordinary hooks, they’re actually meant for a far darker purpose.

Notice the double hooks, which are not usually the standard in coat hooks.

Anything look a little off to you?

They can be easily attached to any wall in the home or places like a public bathroom, and you probably wouldn’t even give them a second thought.

So what’s the big deal about an innocent-looking hook?

Because hidden inside this wall hook is a tiny camera that records people in the bathroom, hotel rooms, and change rooms.

Women in particular have been recorded while in the shower or changing without their knowing.

They’re privacy is completely violated, and they aren’t even aware of it.

Doesn’t it make you think back to every hotel room you’ve ever stayed in and wonder if you were secretly being watched?

Shockingly, these sneaky little cameras are easy to find and even easier to install.

The camera comes with a charger and transfer cable, and the hook is like any other found at a hardware store.

The camera records video and audio through the small hole at the top.

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Often times, the footage from the camera end up on the Internet for the world to see without the knowledge of the person featured in it.

That hole is a giveaway that something is NOT right with the hook and that criminal activity could be going on.

But it gets worse.

Want to know what makes it even creepier?

These wireless cameras can be recorded remotely, and the wireless remote control works through walls

So someone could be watching the footage as close as the next room.

That’s enough to make you never want to check into a hotel again.

One thing you might notice is that it’s set somewhere in a room that is out of place.

For example, if you see a hook in a place that doesn’t make sense for a hook to be, trust your instincts.

Sometimes you can see the light when the camera is recording.

That’s your sign to get out of dodge and call the police immediately.

What makes this so scary is that these spy camera hooks are accessible, inexpensive, and easy to purchase by criminals.

While they were originally created to increase security around your home, in the hands of the wrong people, they can make it easy to prey on unsuspecting victims.

Thankfully, knowledge is power.

If you know that coat hangers can contain cameras and are extra vigilant when traveling or using a public facility to undress, you’ll be able to protect yourself from unwanted snooping.

Check out the video below for more info on this unsettling trend.

Sadly, it seems to be getting more and more common by the day, but if we spread awareness that this is going on, we can help to shut it down.

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Because no one should be able to take your privacy away from you.

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14 thoughts on “If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel Run Immediately.

  1. Valuable and enlightening information. It took me a while to understand what was ‘wrong’ with this ‘innocent’ hook, as it was black, and the tiny camera ‘eye’ at its top wasn’t visible, until I enlarged the picture. I learned from a young age to hang a towel on the door handle of the bathroom, (on the inside), to cover the key hole from peeping Toms. From now on I’ll also hang on my coat on the hook, to obscure any camera ‘eye’ in it. (Or check out).

  2. SO……..why the hell are these things allowed to be manufactured in the first place? what possible legal reason is there for them to even exist in the first place? what can we do to get this company shut down, or whatever??????? anyone???????

    1. Calm down, take a breath. You’re rightfully offended at this, but not seeing it clearly.

      A product doesn’t need a legal reason to exist, but it needs a legal reason to be considered illegal.

      As was stated in the post, their legitimate purposes are primarilt things like security applications. It’s just a nanny-cam kind of device, but in a coat hook package instead of a stuffed toy. They might be used to catch theft or other illegal behavior, watch kids, catch a teen ditch homework for their playstation, literally countless applications that are not illegal.

      Using then to watch someone in a bathroom is an illegal behavior: voyeurism. The act itself is illegal, and is considered a sex crime in some places.

      Any we all (I thought) knew that making something illegal does precisely nothing to stop people from getting one. Things like switchblade knives are illegal too, but you can still buy them on ebay and amazon. No one company makes things like hidden cameras. Any number of them do, more than you could count probably.

      The product isn’t illegal, because there are not laws which govern how a camera must be designed and built. And thank goodness we have haven’t devolved to that level of authoritarianism. This hidden camera doesn’t need to be illegal—the behavior of using one to record someone’s intimate activities without their consent is illegal itself.

      This kind of behavior is violating and gross to the core, you should be upset by this! But by blaming the product used, you have completely absolved the criminal of his behavior. Go ahead, re-read your comment. There are parallels to this kind of logic all over the place, blaming an inanimate object for premeditated crimes it gets used in. But it was just a crappy coathook with a camera inside until some creep turned it into an abusive tool.

      But be mad about the right thing: the person who actually does it. You can’t fix a problem until you know what it is. If your tire keeps running flat, and you keep replacing it with another with more durable tread to prevent getting punctured, you’ll keep having to replace tires if the problem is actually caused by a damaged rim from when you bumped a curb.

  3. Run? Run where? Around the room? Like in circles?
    Down the hotel hallway? Outside in the woods or up a busy street?
    Should I also scream like a little girl while I am running?
    How does running help in a situation where a camera is where it shouldn’t be?

  4. These things shouldn’t be made in the first place. People can just use regular security cameras so people don’t misuse theseee types of cameras for inappropriate purposes.

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