If you want a child to be successful, do these things from an early stage

If you want a child to be successful, do these things from an early stage

Every parent loves his or her child. When the kid doesn’t like and is unwilling to try to to something, the parent will indulge the kid and will not force the kid to do things they do not like. It’s like meeting a lover on the road. Parents ask their child to mention hello to others, but the kid is unwilling to talk. Others may say that it’s okay if the kid is young, and the parents will not insist.

Over time, children develop this habit. once they meet people, they do not wish to say hello. once they get older , they’re going to be considered impolite.

In fact, the main reason why children become this manner is that parents don’t insist on letting their children do the proper things when their children are young. If the parents insisted then, maybe the kid will be very different now.


A person’s habit isn’t developed overnight, it’s accumulated over time, and habits become character. many of us may say that the children of a particular family are very mischievous and careless. This was the case when I was a child , and it still seems like this when I get older . In fact, it’s because parents didn’t insist on helping their children to correct when their children were young. That’s why the kid develops these bad habits, and eventually let others shape him into such a character.


My aunt’s daughter was very uneasy in her studies. She always played with her mobile when she came back at night. Aunt doesn’t say that children never take the initiative to do their homework. Later, the aunt confiscated the mobile phone in order to allow the kid to do the homework, and told the kid to play the mobile phone only after completing the homework beforehand . At the start , the kid can still write homework seriously for a short time , but he can’t persist for half an hour, and therefore the later homework is frizzy and sometimes makes mistakes.

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For this reason, the aunt thought of how to directly refuse the kid to play with the mobile phone. even if the kid was unwilling during school, the aunt forced the kid to do so. after that, the aunt’s daughter did very well in class and now she is admitted to a prestigious university.

In fact, all of this is because the aunt insisted on it at the start . If the aunt didn’t enforce keeping the kid faraway from the mobile phone at the beginning, i believe her academic performance won’t be like that now.

If you want a child to be successful, do these things from an early stage

Parents want their children to achieve success and learn well. so as to be admitted to a good university in the future, we must force children to do something, especially these things.

Parents must force their children to stay faraway from mobile phones. People today ca n’t do without mobile phones. they need mobile phones to go out for dinner, mobile phones to work, and even some exams to be completed on mobile phones. It are often said that there’s almost nothing to try to to without mobile phones.

The same is true of children. If they’re not obedient, parents only need to give the mobile phone to the kid , and the child can sit there and play with the mobile phone for a day without any movement. These children encounter some problems that they will not do. Let your baby eat well and provides your baby a mobile phone to play.

If a child plays a mobile phone for a long time, it’ll not only affect vision, but also affect the child’s brain development. For the sake of the child’s health, parents must keep their children faraway from the mobile phone, and don’t provides a separate mobile phone to the kid in advance.

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Because the kid is still in the growth and development stage, he has no ability to discern many things, and lots of things on the mobile phone may have a negative impact on the kid . Therefore, parents must play a good supervisory role and be strict with their children. this is really to assist the kid . Otherwise, it’ll only hurt the child’s life.

Parents must force their children to read. it’s very difficult for several children to take a seat and skim a book patiently. If they want their children to have good academic performance, parents must help their children develop a good habit of reading. People often say, “Everything is good, but reading is high.” we can see the status of reading in people’s minds. If children don’t love reading, should parents really let it go?

If the kid doesn’t add and subtract, many parents will insist that the kid learn to add and subtract. no matter what method is employed , regardless of how long it takes, even if the kid is crying, I think many parents won’t give up. If the kid learns addition and subtraction through his own efforts, i believe he is also very happy, because he doesn’t want to be worse than others.

If you want a child to be successful, do these things from an early stage

If the kid does not like to read, he must force the kid to read. even if he stays with the kid day by day, only by persevering and helping the kid through this most difficult period can the kid realize the joy of reading. When the kid is actually immersed in the book, he is actually grateful for it.

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Because the kid knows that without the insistence of his parents, he may have given up on his own. it’s due to the company and persistence of his parents that he can know the joy of reading.

For the sake of their children, parents have some bad habits with their children. Parents must help their children to get rid of these bad habits. Don’t think that the kid doesn’t know anything in the least and give up the kid to change. In fact, the oldsters actually help the kid develop this bad habit. Maybe you force the kid to try to to this stuff .

The child could also be unhappy and lose his temper at the time, but when the kid grows up, he will understand his parents. At the same time, he will be grateful for his persistence and not giving up.

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