If Your Partner Does This 10 Things Run Immediately

If Your Partner Does This 10 Things Run Immediately

Falling in love with the right person attract a lot of fun and excitement. Spending time with the right person,  especially the person that you love deeply is very relaxing and exciting.

When you are dating someone, it is crucial to to look out for some signs in order to know if that person is right for you.

Run away from anyone who does these 10 things bellow;

1. They lie even with the smallest things

If they can lie about what they did over the weekend, they can lie about big things, too. Honesty and trust are the foundations of a healthy and secure relationship. If someone is inconsistent with their stories, how can you trust them in the long run?

One white lie is understandable enough, but when you find someone constantly lying and changing their story, you should run the other way.

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2. They hide their phones

It’s one thing to protect your privacy. It’s another thing when someone gets really sketchy about it.

Someone who is trustworthy wouldn’t go to such lengths to keep their phones or computer from you.

I’m not saying they should give you their passwords and access to their emails. Every couple should establish healthy boundaries. But if they’re not allowing you anywhere close to their phone, there’s something fishy.

This is a serious warning sign. It means they’re hiding something and you can’t trust them. And without trust, a relationship can’t grow.

3. They look down on you

A little competitiveness is good for any relationship. But you should never tolerate someone who always puts you down.

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You should be with someone supportive, someone who celebrates your success. Not someone who looks down on what you do.

As they say, you are the sun. Don’t let anyone else dim your light.

4. They’re extremely jealous

Extreme jealousy, especially at the beginning of a relationship is a serious sign of toxic behavior. Sure, it’s flattering when someone is protective of you. But unreasonable jealousy doesn’t signal a secure start.

In fact, jealousy can grow into more serious toxic patterns like manipulation, control, and even abuse.

The foundation of a healthy and happy relationship is based on trust and respect.

A jealous person is unable and unwilling to trust you and respect you. It’s really as simple as that.

5. They’re constantly talking about their ex

Another dead giveaway is if they’re always talking about their ex. Worse, is if they’re talking negatively about the past.

Usually, it’s a sign they’re not over their previous relationship. And you don’t want to be caught as a rebound.

However, it can also be a sign that they blame their ex and take no responsibility for the breakup. This might mean they will never acknowledge their destructive behaviors in your relationship, too.

6. They don’t respect your boundaries

It’s true, a good relationship is where compromises are made. But even when you’re a couple, there are certain lines that should never be crossed.

If you’re dating someone who’s always making you do things you’re uncomfortable with, it’s not a good sign for the future.

Relationships should maintain healthy boundaries so you both grow as a couple and not become too enmeshed in each other.

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7. They make you feel like you’re their dirty little secret

Some people like to keep their private lives private. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you’ve been dating a while and there’s absolutely no sign that you even exist in their life, it’s definitely a cause for concern.

Have you met their friends? Or do they avoid the topic when you bring it up? You should be with someone who is not ashamed to be with you. Or at least someone who is upfront about why.

8. They’re very closed-minded

This comes down to personal taste. But for me, I can never tolerate being with someone so closed-minded, It is always important to have an open heart and mind in a relationship.


Because people are not perfect. We make mistakes. We have pasts we might not be proud of.

Plus, relationships take work. Someone who can’t adjust, compromise, and listen is someone who can’t make a relationship work.

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9. They don’t take care of themselves

I’ve always been a firm believer that you can never be in a loving and giving relationship if you don’t know how to love and take care of yourself first.

Everyone has their own demons. And as a partner, the best we can do is to be there for them.

But one thing is clear: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. And it’s not your job to fix them.

You should be with someone who is completely secure in themselves.

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10. They don’t prioritize you

Now I’m not saying that they should drop everything for you. But they should at least be committed to you—committed enough to prioritize you when necessary.

You shouldn’t be the only one making effort to make the relationship work. Both people should be willing to value the other person’s time.

And if they don’t prioritize you and your feelings, they don’t respect you enough. And respect counts a lot.

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