Jennifer Garner Shows Off Jaw-Dropping ‘Powerful Mom’ Street Style

Jennifer Garner Shows Off Jaw-Dropping ‘Powerful Mom’ Street Style

While Ben Affleck may have hooked up with Jennifer from his past, as in JLo, and is currently vacationing with her in Miami, Florida; his married ex, Jennifer Garner is not letting it affect her in the least.

The 49-year-old “Alias” star was spotted showing off her under-construction Brentwood property to her mom, Patricia, and Garner showed off some pretty cool street fashion, dressed simply, but with impeccable style.

Clearly, the mom-of-three has put her past with Affleck behind her and is happy being herself. Here’s the dope…

Garner Chills While Affleck Heats It Up With Lopez

Jennifer Garner is enjoying life as it comes

Instagram | Jennifer Garner

The “Peppermint” star shares three children with ex-husband Ben Affleck, whom she married in 2005 after a year of dating. Following their 2015 divorce, the duo share joint custody of their three children, daughters Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth and son Samuel Garner Affleck.

Since the divorce, Affleck has gone on to be involved with various women, including Ana de Armas, before hooking up his ex-fiance, Jennifer Lopez.

Garner went on to have a relationship with businessman John Miller but for now is happy being by herself.

Or should we say, “myself”…

A Yes Day? For Sure

Jennifer Garner with Edgar Ramirez

Instagram | Jennifer Garner

Garner’s latest film is on Netflix and is a neat family comedy called “Yes Day” and here are Garner’s rules, “To all 53 million households (🤯) on their way to your own Yes Days, remember my Golden Rules: ice cream for breakfast ✅, backyard tent at night ✅, and NO new pets 🚫🐶🚫🐱! Beyond that, Happy YES DAY—please don’t hold me accountable 😬!”

Well, you have been forewarned. Watch the movie at your own risk, or at least at risk to your sanity…

Then catch Garner, dressed to perfection as she struts some street style…

Perfect Mom Street Style

Jennifer Garner does a home premier of "Yes Day"

Instagram | Jennifer Garner

Garner seemed very happy showing off her still-under-construction property to her mom Patricia while displaying her awesome and on-point “mom” dressing sense.

She wore bootcut denim jeans with a polo top tucked in, looking very lean and healthy as she accessorized with an Apple watch and some chains around her neck. She paired the look with sneakers and kept her brunette locks open, donning a pair of Ray-Bans and looking rather chic.

You can catch pictures of Garner’s street style here

And this is her, when not in jammies!

Fashionable, But Fun-Killing?

A rare pic of Jennifer Garner with her three children

Instagram | Jennifer Garner

As much love there may be between Garner and her three kids, she is called the “dragon” by them, and all other sorts of names, as Garner admitted on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”…

But despite being a “fun-killer mom” as her daughter described her, in real life she does what her character does in the movie “Yes Day.” For one day in a year, she says yes to everything her kids ask for.

Watch her divulge all to Fallon, dressed impeccably, of course.

And then, check out who Jennifer (Aniston) crushed on while she was on ‘Friends’…

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