Jordan Henderson Declares That Row With Salah Is A Healthy One: Sadio Mane

The disagreement of Sadio Mane’s  with Mohamed Salah has been viewed by Henderson as a positive one. Read more:

Captain Jordan Henderson says that he enjoyed Sadio Mane’s recent row with Liverpool teammate Mohamed Salah during the 3-0 win at Burnley. Read more:

The Senegalese international was angry after he got substituted for Divock Origi, shortly after Salah refused to pass the ball to him when the Reds had a scoring chance. But skipper Henderson saw the funny side of the incident when he was asked if Mane had displayed that act of anger before. Read more:

He replied: “I’ve seen it now and again. Sadio is fine, he’s a great lad. I quite like that now and again. I think we need it. Read more:

“That’s just us pushing each other all the time. I think that’s important. We all want to do better, we all want to improve. “But we’re really close and I think we can deal with that. “I’m not sure what set him off to be honest. I couldn’t really understand at first, but then when he came in to the dressing room he was laughing and joking.”

Henderson was asked if it was because of Salah’s selfishness that got Mane furious and the Englishman added: “Right. But the most important thing was we got the result, Sadio knows that. “He performed really well again. He had a fantastic game.

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Like I said, we want to push each other. We want to improve all the time.” Jurgen Klopp said he would not blame Salah for not passing the ball to his strike-partner because most strikers usually make up their minds if they have a sight of goal. Read more:


“That is normal for a team-mate to react, but it is a difficult thing to do. “I could describe five or six situations where everyone thought, ‘pass it, pass it, pass it’ and then he scored. So, that is the freedom of the player. “The boys have to make these decisions: pass the ball, don’t pass the ball. We can make these mistakes. Read more:

“You can lose the ball and mis-kick the ball or sometimes you cannot see your team-mate. “It is not that you ignore him. Sometimes to us it looks like you must see him but you don’t. “It is not a big challenge, but of course with a striker always you can have this.

What you do depends on the situation. “We will leave it 100 per cent, because we won 3-0 and everyone goes away in different directions. After one week I don’t think I will talk about it again,” Klopp added. Read more:

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The Senegalese striker was replaced by Divock Origi shortly after Mohamed Salah refused to pass the ball to him as he was clearly free but the Egyptian decided to take the shot himself. Read more: