Kourtney Kardashian RIPS Kendall Jenner In ‘KUWTK’ Sneak Peek!’

Kourtney Kardashian RIPS Kendall Jenner In 'KUWTK' Sneak Peek!'

Kourtney Kardashian is spilling the tea about Kendall Jenner’s ungrateful ways in a new sneak peek for Thursday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.

Season 20, the last and final season of ‘KUWTK’, is in full swing and there is no shortage of drama. Even if the drama unfolds over a designer-made China tea set.

Yes, there can absolutely be drama over a tea set, so pinkies up!

In a new teaser, Kourtney, Kim & Khloe are all gathered around a table at Kourtney’s house eating their signature salads with crystal glasses of water on deck.

ser, Kourtney, Kim & Khloe are all gathered around a table at Kourtney’s house eating their signature salads with crystal glasses of water on deck.

The episode appears to have been shot last October given the room they’re in is decked out in skull heads, cob webs and Halloween décor.

Kourtney brings up the topic of Kendall’s 25th birthday, which fell on November 3rd, and asks Kim if she got Kendall a present.

Kim replies, “I did. Something for her lake house.”

Kourtney then takes center stage to explain what she had gifted Kendall and the story takes a hard turn for the worst.

Kourtney explains she started a collection of Hèrmes China last year for Kendall’s birthday, and her idea was to add to the collection every holiday.

Kendall Jenner wearing a blonde wig, latex corset & fishnet stockings

Kendall Jenner / Instagram

For Kendall’s birthday in 2019 Kourtney bought a tea set that consisted of tea cups, a tea pot and “all the tea stuff.”

Khloe chimes in, “So she can spill the tea!”

Kourtney goes on to reveal that she added to the tea set collection for Christmas gifting Kendall all the serving platters that go along with the tea set.

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Being the thoughtful big sister that she is, Kourtney decided to give Hèrmes a call to see what she has not yet bought from the tea set collection, so that she can give the appropriate gift to Kendall.

That call would lead Kourtney to find out some damning information about her sister.

Kourtney explains to Kim and Khloe, “So, we called Hèrmes and I said can you send me photos of what I didn’t get yet? And then they just said, ‘I can absolutely do that, but she returned everything that you got her.’”

Khloe lets out a “Stop!” while Kim giggles in between bites of her salad.

Kourtney explained that she picked out each piece with thought and care, and really couldn’t believe that Kendall would return them after exclaiming she “liked them.”

Kendall Jenner wearing a white dress and dangling green earrings

Shutterstock | 2131613

Now, any fan of the Kardashian’s would expect to see anger, sadness or epic prank plotting in this scenario.

Any guesses on which route Kourtney took?

Looks like the joke is on Kendall because Kourtney is not backing down with gifting the designer China.

“You think the jokes on me? Well jokes on you because I’m going to keep buying it,” Kourtney spit out while laughing hysterically.

The best part of it, Kourtney explains she’s doing this JUST so she can see Kendall’s reaction each time she opens a new set of China.

“I just want to see her opening it and pretending that this is the greatest gift,” she said.

Kourtney did do some self-reflecting about the situation and chalked it up to karma.

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She told her sisters that she used to be a “big returner of items,” but the karma of constantly returning things might be catching up to her.

As they say, “Karma’s a B**CH!”

You can see all the Kar-Jenner drama unfold Thursdays on E! at 8 PM.

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