Mariah Carey Celebrates Her Popular Holiday Single’s Return To The Charts

Mariah Carey Celebrates Her Popular Holiday Single's Return To The Charts

The 50-year-old American singer, songwriter, and actress, Mariah Carey, declared the beginning of the holiday season with a thrilling video on her Instagram page.

The Queen of Christmas uploaded an Instagram video that showed her in a room filled with snow and decorated with holiday cheer and Christmas trees.

She declared in the video that “it is time for all I want for Christmas season.” Her fans took to the post’s comment section to congratulate her on her new-found victory and join her in early celebrations.

The Announcement!

Mariah Carey looks elegant at a Nickelodeon event, rocking a black leather jacket with a smile on her face.

The star announced to her Instagram followers that it’s time to let go of the Halloween costumes and prepare for the biggest holiday of the year.

The famous singer released a scary clip before her popular Christmas classic song, “All I Want For Christmas,” began playing in the background. It showed a goblin wandering around Carey’s home, and it had on a black cape with a scary mask.

After roaming about the house, it finally found the singer in a room filled with Christmas decorations.

Carey Rocked A Complete Christmas Costume

A back and white themed photo showing Mariah Carey sporting her curly waves and a huge smile.

If there’s anyone that can make Christmas incredible and note-worthy, it’s Carey. The “When You Believe” singer always has something up her sleeve when it comes to the holiday, and it’s safe to say that it’s her favorite holiday in the year.

Carey was wearing a bright red plaid onesie designed with Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer prints paired with a Santa Clause hat.

A message came across the blank screen, stating, ‘It’s time! But let’s get through Thanksgiving first.’

Carey then smiled with joy as she spread her arms up in the air while seated in front of the Christmas tree.

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Jennifer Hudson Is Also Ready For The Celebration

Shutterstock | 1092671

Christmas is a fun time that people, especially celebrities, get to honor other family members. While some spend the day at home, wining and dining as a family, others make their way to different parts of the world to join in the celebration.

As Carey kicked off the early festivals, celebrities like Jennifer Hudson decided that it was time for the long-awaited fun.

She replied to Carey’s video with her plans, saying, “No need, let’s go!, My Christmas music starts today!” Hudson commented.

Carey’s Holiday Single Success

Instagram / Mariah Carey

In 1994, Carey released her first-holiday album titled “Merry Christmas,” featuring the hit single “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Amazingly, they both topped the charts yearly in that season. The hit single recorded a milestone in 2019 when celebrated by the Guinness Book of World Records as the number one holiday song on the Billboard US Hot 100 by a solo artist. The single also became the artist’s first title to hit No. 1 in four separate decades.

Recently, the hit single starred in iTunes top 200, which is proof that Carey is not nearly done with the music industry.

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