Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, face off in boxing ring in bizarre phone commercial

Cristiano Ronaldo set to battle embattled PSG star Neymar in the boxing ring.

The two football titans faked a bout in a now viral phone advert. The commercial was shot in Turin and originates from early July and the pair has featured prominently in countless advertisements.

A viral video of Cristiano Ronaldo squaring off in the boxing ring against Paris Saint-Germain has emerged online. In the footage, the two football stars can be seen wearing boxing shorts and gloves as they warm up ready to go head to head. A man, who would play the referee role then emerges appearing to give the two instructions before renewing hostilities.

Soon after, Neymar, who is clearly psyched up more than Ronaldo strategically takes to the corner of the ring as though to shield himself.

Watch the video bellow:

He goes on to move the head evasively up and down from Ronaldo who is yet to throw any punch.

On account of his superior height and weight advantage, made had predicted the Juventus star would emerge victorious.

However, to the disappointment of many, Neymar and Ronaldo end up wearing Lucha Libre masks laughing at each other as they horseplay with the public.

It would later emerge the pair was actually promoting Meo, a Portuguese mobile network.

Meanwhile, Neymar is yet to seal a move away from PSG this summer, and looks set to remain with the French giants this season.

Ronaldo, on the other hand will be seeking to continue with his fine form at Juventus as the Turin-based side gun for European glory once again.



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