Nollywood Actress, Ella Mensah Reveals That Sex Is Not A Big Deal To Her

The Sexy and sassy Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Ella Mensah may have once confessed to having sex on a plane but that might have been just for kicks as she has revealed in a chat with Potpourri that sex is not the first item on her menu.


She said “Having sex has to do with the mind. I’ve stayed a whole year without having sex. To me, sex is very deep and spiritual. Giving myself to someone, exchanging so many things with somebody – body and soul. It has to be with someone I love and have feelings for. Sex is not a big deal to me.

I don’t even think about it because I’m busy. I don’t even have enough time for myself. It takes a lot to say I want to have sex with someone,” she said. Speaking further she explained why she has had some difficulties in past relationships and her resolve to make a change. “Usually, before I get serious with a guy, I don’t tell him who I am.


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She continued “the kind of men I date are not on social media and most times they don’t even watch movies. It’s only after we’ve become really close that I let them know what I do and I’ve come to realise that there’s always drama and all. So, from now on, whoever I’m going to meet must know what I do from day one”.


“I used to keep it away because most people just want to be with you because you’re an actress. That was what I was trying to prevent, but my next relationship, the person has to know from the onset and decide if he’s ready to go on with me or not.

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When my ex got to know I was an actress, he would always call to know where I was and asked me to send pictures of where I was and spoke with whoever I was with. It was just too much drama for me, so I’m going to let the next man I’ll be with to know from the onset.


But for now, let me just focus on improving myself,” BBNaija (S4): I did not have sex with Gedoni-Khafi(Opens in a new browser tab) Although she has a figure and outlook that screams ‘sexy’ and one may be tempted to think she’s all about her looks but that is a dead wrong assessment of the movie star, who says she has more to offer from the ‘upstairs’ “My brain. Most people tend to think all pretty girls are dumb. I’m not bragging, but when people ask me about my greatest physical asset, I tell them it’s my brain.

I am a very intelligent girl who knows who she is and what she’s doing. My uniqueness comes from how smart, focused and ambitious I am to be better than I was yesterday,” she said.