Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

The Glory Dome, presumably the world’s largest Church auditorium is a 100,000-seater edifice. The Lord’s Garden was built by the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) led by Dr. (Pastor) Paul Enenche, one of Nigeria’s foremost clergymen.

The Lord’s Garden is located on Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Way (formerly Airport Road) in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. Aside from the Glory Dome, there are other structures and facilities within the Garden, whose groundbreaking was performed in September 14, 2014 by the presiding bishop of the Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo.

The facilities include Rose of Sharon Gardens (for leisure), Still Water Restaurant, Destiny Christian Academy (a Boarding and Day School), Pastors Quarters and a water fountain.

The location

Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

We thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy. The vision for the building of the Lord’s Garden and also the Glory Dome is synonymous with the vision of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

The vision is: “To impact our world with the principle, presence and the power of God by saturating the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the seas. And to possess a base where that word would emanate from to the ends of the earth.”

God gave us that vision; with the vision, there must come location. That was how we began to pray and in the night I had a revelation where i was taken to a land along the airport road, with a landmark that showed me that land.

We searched for land but we couldn’t find one. So we decided to buy land elsewhere , almost a thousand acres and another almost 700 acres in another location. We were almost starting in one of those places when the Lord jogged my memory that there was elsewhere he showed me which I should still plow ahead and look for the place.

I then called one of the surveyors in our church and anointed him with oil and tasked him to travel and look for the land along the airport. To the glory of God, within one week, he was back and said he had found an area . And when we came , I said this was the place the Lord showed. and that was how we secured this place after almost ten years when it had been first released via revelation.

The design

Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

What was obvious to me was what we wanted to try to to . We knew that whatever creative and gifting we needed was right there within the house, so I announced in church that I needed a building team––structural engineers, building engineers, mechanical engineers also as quantity surveyors.

They came out en masse. We selected the architects and gave them the concept I wanted. I told them anything from 75,000 to 100, 000 seaters all under one roof. I asked them to go and develop the concept. We had about five different designs. the present design was what met the specification of what we wanted.

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An architectural wonder

Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

We ‘broke’ ground on September 14, 2014. Before the main construction started, we did tons of excavations. By January 2015, the construction had started. within the course of construction, there have been modifications that we made. for instance , I needed the entire building without pillars and it was to be roofed. Originally, a number of them were wondering how is that going to be possible, especially with the dimensions of the building, but I told them it absolutely was possible. They went for consultations and realized it was truly possible.

There were things i would see in the revelation and would tell them and they would do it and it turned out to become excellent.

The building is a structural engineering wonder; as a matter fact, when the officials from the Nigerian Society of Engineers came here, they were very excited that the building was constructed indigenously without any external help. We had had architectural students from universities and even from the development commission here in Abuja on tours to ascertain what’s happening .

I could remember that at the start of the development , the team of the supervisors that came were asked to remain for a minimum of one week to watch what was happening .

So, it’s a masterpiece. We went right down to the earth almost 8-12 metres with iron pillars coupled with concrete before we came out. It took us sometime before we came out, with hundreds of millions of naira spent. By the time you come out, you’re faced with the gallery, it means without pillar going almost 12 metres. There are only a few in the world. Then, you’re again spanning 274 metres. A football pitch is 90 metres, meaning two football pitches under one roof without a pillar. that’s a wonder.

The roofing company said that this is their largest roofing in the world, and that they are the foremost roofing company as far as dome structure is concerned worldwide. Then you come in through the front door , the north wing and you see the peak of it.

Impact on the rest of Africa, rest of the globe

We have seen visitors from all walks of life including the clergy and politicians during the construction.

I remember during the construction stage, a man came from Europe and was busy taking pictures. I asked him why, since he was coming from Europe where they have virtually everything and he said: ‘Sir, I haven’t seen a thing as this.’ we’ve had in our previous conferences delegates from various countries. aside from the Glory Dome itself, we’ve the recreational park, that would make this place a vacation destination, a tourist attraction and a vacation location where people would come to and literally don’t want to travel back.

There was a time the wife of Bishop Taiwo Adelakan of Victory International Ibadan came here and she or he said she was proud to be a Nigerian because there would be no got to travel abroad any longer . we’ve people commending the glory of God on the dome and therefore the entire garden.

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Location of the altar

Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

Specifically, the altar is supposed to be central where everybody would be viewing the minister at an equivalent time. the most entrance facing the altar is architecturally important and spiritual in order that the flow of the ministration is equidistant to everyone.

The dome is about 43 metres from the ground level. that’s about the peak of a 13-storey building. Imagine yourself standing, watching 13 floors that are crammed with anointed worship, the sort that might make people roll on the ground in tears while worshipping God. that’s going to escalate a thousand times in this place. it’s going to be awesome.

Concerns and challenges

I cannot say that there was any major concern. But i feel the main concern of everybody is how it was going to be roofed. Personally, I’m not an engineer or architect, so i was also picturing how it was going to seem like. it would interest you to know that the roof was knitted just the way we knit basket. It has 21,000 pieces of metals that were hooked together. So, i was just wondering how they were going to do this . But we overcame and it had been beautifully done.

Building without pressure or stress

I think it’s the scripture that says God would keep in perfect peace the one whose mind is stayed on him. this is not my building. If I were to build a house, I won’t build a house as big as this. So, it’s for the Lord, and since it belongs to God, it can’t put me under pressure, because the owner isn’t under pressure. the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. God has never been under pressure to do anything. So it’s stress-less. this is a multi-billion project. The roof alone is in billions not to talk of the construction. But it was done effortlessly and without stress.

The church members aren’t even under pressure. We didn’t at any point involve general offering for the project within the church. In fact, numerous times, we forget to take the offering in church and members would need to remind the pastor that offering has not been taken––and this happened often while a serious construction was ongoing. the reality is, we’ve a supernatural supply. We cannot point at any man that he’s the financier.

A project of empowerment

Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Interesting Facts About The Glory Dome In An Interview

If you come to this site, you’d see thousands of workers: carpenters, iron benders, electricians, mechanical engineers, quantity surveyors, architects, structural engineers, site labourers––I cannot tell the precise figure, but I’m sure it’s not going to be less than 5, 000. it had been indeed a beehive of activities. These people were fed daily. In fact, numerous people bought cars in the course of the construction. Some even had their own houses by what they were being paid here. This building was put together at a time when there was zero construction anywhere in the city. one among the supervisors who came to watch the project confessed that this was the sole project they were supervising as it were in the city.

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People also acquired new skills. The roofing company came as a consultant, the installation of the roof was entirely our business and what we did was to get a group of Nigerians in thousands and train them on what it takes to knit the roof together and these people were trained to scale a height of 43 meters and knit.

Literally, thousands of individuals from all religions had livelihood, some on the minimum of three to four years, especially at a time when unemployment was a serious issue in the country.

Artisans, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, painters and lots of others got employed.

In fact, at some extent , there have been constructions happening everywhere at the main auditorium, Glory Dome, the school, Destiny Christian School, the duplexes, and also the garden. The workmen were paid as when due. That livelihood was provided. one among the supervisors said the construction was providing employment for Nigerians at a time than anywhere as far as he knew because there was no project happening at this scale in the city at that time. Beyond that, there have been people that acquired and learnt new skills. If we’ve another opportunity in Nigeria for this type of roof to be done, we won’t got to search for technical people that can do this because they’re available.

Scaling the country’s adverse economy

That is where the supernatural and divine element comes in. I feel it absolutely was strategic for us to make man know the possibility of God, that no human or governmental power was responsible because Nigeria was hit by the worst depression and recession in its history.

We started the project when one dollar was equivalent to 199 naira and we came to some extent when one dollar equalled 365 naira and that multiplied the cost of the project. Whatever prices we were importing doubled, but we didn’t bother.

So it was massively supplied by heaven. that’s what makes it a miracle. If this construction could happen when Nigeria was in an economic boom, it would have been said that it was easy. But given the circumstance under which it happened, it becomes a miracle.

In all this, we give glory to God.